Businesses must make extra efforts to stand out in the world of cut-throat competition. One way to make it happen is to use technology at its best. When it comes to custom solution development, nothing can beat combining two front-end and backend technologies. Angular and Node JS are the two most preferred backend and front-end technologies used to develop modern-day applications.

Have you ever thought about combining them? Are you aware of the challenges and Angular benefits with Node JS?

If your answer is no, you have landed on the right blog post. This blog post aims to bring the key benefits businesses will experience by combining NodeJS and Angular.

Angular with Node JS – An Ideal Combination For Full Stack Development 

When it comes to developing business benefits, both the front-end and backend development aspects are taken into consideration. There are two ways to make it happen. One way is to complete both these aspects separately. The second way is to handle both aspects in one go as a full-stack development approach.

When full-stack development is considered, Angular and NodeJS are often the first choices of full-stack developers. Here is why

Development is Utterly Fast 

When these two technologies are at work, the development runs at a blazing fast speed. This is because of the reason that both Angular and NodeJS are JavaScript-based framework that reduces the operational complexities.

This also sets developers free from the need to learn more than one kind of language. With one language, both the front and backend development are well taken care of. This makes development speedier.

There is one more reason to experience swift development when Angular with Node JS is used. Whatever tools you need to develop an app with NodeJS are accessible only via NodeJS. For instance, Angular CLI.

Even if you use some other back–end framework, you have to use NodeJS if Angular is at the front end. But, when you only use NodeJS, all the development prerequisites are easily accessible. NodeJS is the means that full-stack developers will use to deliver the application on the machine/device. When it’s used with Angular, this delivery becomes quick.

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Data Flow at its Best 

The quality aspect of app development depends on how effectively data is handled. Data handling becomes easy when data flow between client and server easily. Both Angular and NodeJS support bidirectional data flow and ensure that the data is available at every stage of development or application layer.

Accessibility to NPM  

NPM or Node Package Manager is a default offering of NodeJS and allows you to manage all the development dependencies easily. This way, it’s easy for full-stack developers to have seamless accessibility at fronts like adding a dependency, removing and adding them, or updating the package.json.

With NPM, developers have quick accessibility to a wide range of solutions as more than 80,000 development packages are offered in the online repository. Such wide repository solves many development hassles as developers have a pre-made solution to all sorts of development hassles.

MVC Support is Offered 

If you understand Angular and NodeJS from close, you’ll find out that both these frameworks are based on MVC architecture. NodeJS supports MVVM as well. MVC architecture makes application updates easier than before. So, you will be able to do frequent updates at least possible hassles.

Also, this architecture is highly collaborative as developers can work together. They can remain posted about every stage of the development and keep the other teammates posted about the process. Any new update or changes in the development will be notified to the concerned department without wasting a single fraction of a second. This type of collaborative work leads to quick and flawless developments.

Seamless Single-Page Development 

If you’re interested in doing single-page development, this combination is the best choice. With Angular, it’s easy to create single-page applications as it is designed for this job. Also, full-stack developers can render the single-page application content to render the NodeJS backend content.

NodeJS supports templates that are easy to run on the server-side templates. It’s possible to pick any one template and complete the rendering. All these things are perfect for attaining flawlessness in single-page development.

Simplified Development 

When Angular with NodeJS is used, full-stack development becomes easy. It’s because of NodeJS’s ability to support a wide range of JavaScript modules and Angular’s friendliness with all these modules. No matter what kind of JavaScript module you pick for the development, there won’t be any conflicts and complexities.

This makes a huge difference when overall development is concerned. The developers will have fewer bugs to fix, reduced redo, and higher perfection in the outcome.

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Things To Keep In Mind Combining Angular with Node JS

While it’s certain that the world of a full-stack developer will be thrilling and exciting after combining Angular and NodeJS, this combination isn’t flawless. Here are caveats that should be fixed when a full-stack developer combines Angular with NodeJS.

  • In this combination, your focus should be on new versions of Angular. Don’t try to use

1.x version unless the project demands it for sure. It will help you have the best assistance for your projects.

  • To make the most out of the Angular version, try to learn React and Flux architecture. This will strengthen your full-stack development approach more than anything else.
  • There is a fundamental issue with NodeJS that is its single-threaded nature.
  • Because of this, development tends to get complex, and your entire server system can go down if that single thread isn’t working fine. So, you must find a way to overcome this issue.
  • API instability tends to get in your way with this combination as API in the NodeJS ecosystem will change very frequently.
C-Metric – Bringing The Best of Both The World 

Angular and NodeJS are two wonder-making frameworks and are preferred options when one seeks perfect full stack development. However, one has to be extra cautious and pay attention to certain things when attaining perfection is this combination is the prime aim.

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With C-Metric, you can get any added technology support and customized solutions. Both the client-side and server-side development aspects can be well taken care of when C-Metric’s exceptional expertise comes into play. Book a free consultation today and find out the best development possibilities that you have with combining Angular with Node JS.

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