Backoffice Data Processing

As a natural progression to our technology development services, we offer our clients cost effective, back-office business process services. Some examples of the business process services are document processing, data entry, investigative research, credit verification, compliance procedures, document attribution and indexing, title and transcription processing services. We deliver these services through highly secure state-of-the-art onshore and offshore facilities, which use the most advanced information technology infrastructure available.

Our engagement begins with a systematic analysis of process improvement and definition of workflow. Followed by identifying what can be outsourced to achieve the optimum benefits to our clients using the onshore-offshore model. At C-Metric, we are experts at process and workflow mapping to identify and evaluate the different business processes that can be effectively optimized in order to save our clients operating cost and delivery timeline.

How We Work

Process Mapping:

The first step in outsourcing is to know what can be effectively outsourced. You might already have some ideas or want to start from scratch. Whatever maybe the case, the best place to start is to have a joint analysis session with key executives or operational managers. We apply several process mapping techniques to map out the process workflow and identify the opportunity that best fits your requirements.

Strategy and Planning:

Strategy and Planning steps involve the following main activities. Technology, Project Management, Implementation, and Transitioning to specify how to transition to utilize the onshore-offshore outsourcing model.


Once the strategy is laid down, we start the process of implementing each piece of the plan. Execution requires close attention to critical success factors and a constant monitoring. We make sure each process has constant oversight and rapid response. We free up your operational staff so that they can continue to focus on your core business, without any interruption or hitch. Once we arrive at a smooth end-to-end operation, we begin a phased transition to improved process.

Monitoring and Control:

Once the process implementation is complete, we follow a two step approach to continuously monitor and control the process. Therefore keeping it well oiled and running smoothly.

1. All processes can be improved continuously by the Define-Implement-Measure-Improve cycles.

2. Keeping the machine well oiled. Address any issues relative to processes, technologies and systems.

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