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We deliver Digital Transformation through Business Intelligence, Analytics & Innovative Technologies

Over the past 26 years, we have offered end-to-end digital transformation services and solutions to all shapes and sizes of businesses to meet the ever-changing requirements of the market and end-users.

C-Metric is a leading digital transformation service provider helping start-ups, SMEs, and large-scale enterprises to deliver cutting-edge IT solutions through the power of technology and innovation. Leverage our domain-rich expertise to build innovative digital capabilities to enhance your business performance.

Be at the Forefront of Your Industry with our Digital Transformation Consulting Services

Leverage our profound expertise to empower your business with our result-oriented digital transformation services.

Digital Transformation Consulting

From digital strategy development to process automation and IT modernization and data visualization, we offer a wide range of digital transformation consulting services and solutions across the globe.

Digital Products & Apps Re-Engineering

Leverage our legacy modernization services to upgrade/migrate from legacy systems to the latest ones to enjoy the advanced possibilities.

Digital Process Automation

We are a globally renowned digital transformation firm, helping clients to automate their business processes to reduce costs and achieve maximum process automation.

Digital Transformation Implementation

Leverage our result-oriented digital transformation as a service to solve complex business problems to stay ahead of the evolving market demands.

Enterprise IT Transformation and Operation

We can also help you implement the best and latest algorithms to identify the gap between proprietary intellectual property, processes, approaches, and capabilities.

Digital User Experience

We strive to deliver an intuitive and interactive user experience that can optimize or add new streams of revenues, decrease the cost to serve, and boost customer loyalty.

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Technology Solutions We Deliver

App Modernization

Rebuild nimble business systems, revamp applications, and modernize the enterprise applications to stay competitive.

Content Management Systems

Empower technical products with trending market-friendly content & content management methods.

Enterprise Collaboration

Effective enterprise collaboration solutions to connect with trustworthy partners and for hassle-free communication & process.

Digital Commerce

Highly interactive e-store & eCommerce solutions with improved intelligence and enhanced customer experience.


User-centric and scalable mobile app solutions with rich features for business acceleration and development.

User Experience

Offer the best experience to the users with intuitive options, interactive designs, and responsive features, across the digital platforms.

Data Analytics

Highly-structured and intelligent data analytics to provide data processed business systems and digitally fortified business operations.


Upgraded Human-Machine Interaction (HMI) with embedded sensors & technology for improved productivity and workforce flexibility.


More informed and intelligent decision making automated systems for effortless communication & enhanced customer satisfaction rate.


Solutions to plan and strategically manage the resources & predict crises with precision for uninterrupted business operations.


Experience the ease of productive business systems and enterprise functioning with AWS cloud services.

Azure Cloud

Reliable and responsive Azure Cloud solutions for effective business management and business modernization architectures.

Embark on Your Digital Journey with Industry’s Most Trusted Advisor

Having a clear strategy and roadmap focusing on market dynamics and business requirements can reduce the complexity of digital change. That’s why we at C-Metric follow crucial steps to deliver top-of-the-line digital transformation solutions.


Our industry experts analyze and evaluate to better understand where you are currently in your digital transformation journey.


Strategy & Design

Identify the business challenges and design a sure-shot roadmap to transform your existing processes and business model.



Our top 1% IT talent implement a new process combining modern DevOps practices to speed up the development.


We deliver capabilities through analytics & business intelligence that can add critical business value to your business processes, digital products or apps with actionable insights.

Industries We Serve for Digital Transformation


We can help you develop easy-to-use mHealth applications to keep an eye on patients’ health remotely.


Leverage our expertise to develop efficient and secure fintech solutions for the thriving BFSI sector.


Travel and Hospitality

Provide your end-users an immersive travel experience with our custom travel and hospitality solutions.


Retail and eCommerce

Build innovative retail and eCommerce solutions to give customers the best digital shopping experiences.


Manufacturers and Distributors

Deliver a complete business software solution customized for distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.



We design and deliver government agencies solutions to their ever-changing digital needs.

Engagement Models

Being a top-notch digital transformation company, we provide three types of hiring engagement models to meet your diverse business needs.

If your business is developing new products and needs a complete setup where you get access to dedicated tech talents like developers, UI/UX experts, and project managers, then this would be the best option to pick as a hiring engagement model.

  • Full-time hiring dedicated teams
  • Cost-effective
  • Perfect for dynamic companies
  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly billing

If you have a limited budget or you are unsure about the project requirement as it may change in the future, then this controlled agile engagement model would be a go-to option. This kind of hiring engagement model gives you flexibility in hiring resources.

  • Agile development team
  • Optimal flexibility
  • Small projects
  • Transparent pricing
  • Complete control over the budget

If you have undefined/dynamic/complicated business requirements and are unsure how much the estimated cost would be, you can hire a developer or a team per your project requirement. This time and material engagement model is perfect for;

  • Requirement based on specific working hours
  • No hidden costs
  • Monthly billing
  • Avoid hiring hassles
  • Pay only for measurable work

If you want to upskill and upscale your existing development team, then team augmentation is the best available option. Hired resources work just like your in-house team but remotely. This model is known for quickly scaling your development team.

  • Scale on-demand
  • Quick and cost-effective
  • Monthly billing
  • Avoid hiring hassles
  • Transparent pricing

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