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New regulatory compliance continues to transform the title industry. Title companies feel the effects of TRID – TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure rule across a variety of services and specialties. New rules, new forms, and new closing procedures are constantly being introduced. The question faced by title companies today is how to control cost and protect margins?

By leveraging our global delivery capabilities, since early 2000s C-Metric has helped many title companies reduce their process timelines, lower their staff costs, reduce errors, and be more responsive to the dynamic demands of the industry and regulators. From the simplest lien search to complex title search C-Metric has helped title companies with its unmatched expertise and exceptional customer service. Our goal is to help title companies grow and succeed.

C-Metric has been successful in helping Our Clients

  • Handle larger volume of title searches
  • Quickly accommodate new and emerging process and compliance requirements
  • Carry out tax searches and lien searches with local authorities
  • Carry out many follow up tasks with participants such as county record offices, attorneys, realtors, and default management firms
  • Clean-up search results
  • Split-up and index image files images and organize them in your document management system
  • Create and execute detailed process maps
  • Performed Title Reviews for attorneys and servicers

C-Metric Services

  • Search Abstracts
  • Record Owner Lien Searches
  • Pre-foreclosure Title Search
  • Prepare Tax Certificates for Title Companies
  • File and Follow up on Title Claims for Attorneys
  • Lien Release Services for Servicers
  • Closing Package Preparation
  • Image Splitting and Indexing
  • Word Processing and Document Preparation for Commitments
  • File Preparations for Regulatory Agency Audit
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Custom Processes to Suite your Specific Requirements

Our Delivery Model

We deliver our services through a Variable Cost Capacity model that help our clients to save as much as 50-70% in operating cost, protect margins, and streamline processes, so you can focus on delivering your core products and services to your customers.

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