Company Overview

C-Metric was founded in 1995. Since then we have been delivering innovative business solutions to our clients globally. Our core beliefs are anchored in understanding the clients’ business goals, objectives and solving complex problems with the most effective solutions as a true business partner. Our rich legacy is reflected in our client list with a strong trust shared between us. We bring together the best of both worlds – automation through our technology solutions, and efficiency through our back-office services.

With established offices in the USA and India, over the past 22 years, C-Metric has successfully provided technology automation and back office solutions to various industries. This experience has been at the core of our ability to deliver solutions and services to enable our clients to succeed in the marketplace.

C-Metric Office

At C-Metric we believe in forming a true partnership with our clients to help them resolve their complex business problems with elegant and efficient solutions. We believe in having clear communications with our clients, as well as quality deliverables. Our partnership extends in such a way that we help our clients achieve their goals more efficiently and as a result, establish a relationship of mutual trust.

The services offered by C-Metric highlight the fact that we deliver cost effective yet high quality technology and back-office solutions. We play an important role in reducing your technology cost, improving your delivery metrics, all while helping you excel in customer service to your clients.

Integrated Global Solutions
  • Latest technological expertise
  • Outsource business project model
  • Extensive back office support
  • Strong track record of quality work and trust

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