Microsoft SharePoint based Solutions

Are You Looking For a Reliable, Knowledgeable and Affordable Partner To Build Your Information Management and Collaboration Platform?

C-Metric’s highly experienced team has helped many organizations address their business challenges by building SharePoint based systems. These systems provide them with capabilities of knowledge sharing, information management, workgroups collaboration, operational streamlining, and status and business-intelligence reporting. 

We have successfully implemented Microsoft SharePoint based solutions for organizations in the Manufacturing, Financial Services, and Legal industries. Some of the solutions include: an Intranet Portal used by thousands of employees, a Supplier Portal for a global chemical giant to collaborate with their suppliers, and a Travel Management System for a manufacturing company with more than 2000 employees as potential users. 

C-Metric successfully delivered these solutions which exceeded the client’s expectations.

Why SharePoint?

  • Scalability
    SharePoint supports a small implementation for as many as 5 users which can be scaled up to a larger implementation involving thousands of users.
  • Save time and effort
    SharePoint comes with out of the box features and functionalities which helps in quickly setting up intranet portal, document management system, workflow applications, etc., thus saving time and effort required to go live.
  • Manageability
    SharePoint based solutions are easy to manage and administer, because it provides an easy to use interface for the Administrator. With SharePoint’s easy to use user-interface, day to day administration and maintenance can be done quickly and easily.
  • Flexibility
    SharePoint comes with multiple licensing options. Perpetual license allows you to setup the solution in-house, while Software as a Service allows you to implement a solution in the cloud. It even allows you to implement a hybrid model.

Why C-Metric?

  • More than just Software Development
    C-Metric team applies a consultative approach using its extensive experience in SharePoint to implement various solutions in a range of industries. The benefits is that the client gets the right solution to solve specific problems to achieve desired goals and objectives.
  • Successful Track Record
    C-Metric has successfully delivered MS SharePoint projects for Intranet, Process Automation, and Business Intelligence Reporting. Some of these projects are implemented for the leading chemical, manufacturing and legal organizations with thousands of employees who benefited from using such a collaboration and information management platform.
  • A strong Team and Infrastructure
    C-Metric has a highly experienced team of 20+ certified SharePoint developers and more than 175 IT and ITES consultants in total, backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure with the capacity to scale up as needed.
  • Project Execution Methodology
    C-Metric has implemented mature processes for each phase of project execution, which includes requirement analysis, visual design, software design, solution development, QA Testing, and deployment. C-Metric emphasizes strong documentation and communication during the project inception and execution.
  • Confidentiality and Data Security
    C-Metric conducts information security audits and reviews its policies on a regular basis to ensure the confidentiality and data security of the client’s business critical information is maintained.

C-Metric’s SharePoint Capabilities

  • Business Process Automation through Workflow Development
  • Branding of Intranet and Extranet Portal
  • Integration of Microsoft SharePoint with other Line of Business Applications like SAP, Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM, Oracle, Salesforce, etc.
  • SharePoint based Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions (CMS)
  • Enterprise Document Management
  • Migration of legacy system to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Upgrading Existing SharePoint Platform to the current version.
  • Development of Sandbox Solutions
  • Support, maintenance and enhancement of existing SharePoint Portal

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