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Being the most trusted Azure development company, we can help you deploy, manage, and scale your cloud-based applications for optimal business growth. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, our experts are well-versed in offering comprehensive support for Microsoft platforms and technologies.

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A Top-Notch Microsoft Azure Development Company

C-Metric is one of the most prominent names in the IT industry, providing a complete set of Azure services from strategy planning to app development, migration, optimization, deployment, and modernization. Our Microsoft Azure certified experts have helped enterprises to deliver an immersive Azure application best suited for their business.

Leverage our Azure development services to build web or cloud-based Azure applications at reasonable prices. Our Azure development team has extensive expertise in building custom digital solutions and has also served various industry verticals such as Healthcare, Finance, E-commerce, Transportation, etc.

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Our Azure Development Services

Microsoft Azure Application Development

We offer custom Microsoft Azure development services to build scalable, secure, and robust applications for clients across industries. Our team of Azure developers assists you at every step, right from development to testing and deploying the application. Leveraging our Azure services will help you reduce operational costs, enhance productivity and uplift your business from the competition.

Microsoft Azure Implementation

With our Microsoft Azure implementation services, we help you drive a flawless business transformation. Our certified experts in Azure identify technology direction and make tailored strategies to mitigate the risks and help you deliver a highly flexible solution so that you can focus on your core business activities.


Microsoft Azure Integration

Our Microsoft Azure development team is skilled in developing custom, secure, and flawless architecture solutions as per your unique business requirement. They work closely with you to evaluate the existing technology and accordingly start the development process and a customized integration approach to meet your specific project needs effectively.

Microsoft Azure Migration

We are a top-notch Microsoft Azure Silver Partner, well-known for helping businesses transfer their legacy on-premises system to the latest Microsoft Azure-based cloud migration platform. Leverage our impeccable Azure migration services to enable seamless and hassle-free migration of data, applications, infrastructure, etc., with cloud billing optimization.

Microsoft Azure consulting

We at C-Metric have certified experts in Azure with in-depth knowledge and industry experience to provide result-oriented Azure consulting services to clients across the world. Work with an experienced Azure development company like us to leverage the true power of Azure cloud services, optimize your Azure infrastructure, and cut down on Azure migration and development efforts.

Web hosting and cloud solutions

Our Microsoft Azure cloud developers team can help you host and build web applications in your preferred language. All you need to do is to connect with us to know how Azure developers’ services at C-metric can help you solve business challenges associated with your organization with Microsoft Azure’s cloud computing solutions.

Build Custom Azure Development Solutions

At C-Metric, we hold a team of skilled and experienced Azure developers with an immersive experience in building and deploying highly functional, robust, and scalable Azure development solutions. They have helped various businesses migrate their systems to Microsoft Azure cloud with optimum data security and no downtime. Outsource Azure developers from us to streamline your business operations seamlessly.

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Our Expertise in Microsoft Azure Development Technologies and Featured Services

Cloud computing

Azure Functions, Azure CycleCloud, Virtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure VMWare Solution


Container Instances, Azure Kubernets Service, Azure Red Hat Openshift, Azure Service Fabric


Azure SQL Database, Azure Cosmos DB, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Database for MySQL/PostgreSQL/MariaDB, Azure Database Migration Services

Data Storage

Blob storage, Azure data lake storage, Azure Disk Storage, Azure Files, Azure HPC Cache, Azure Backup

Networking and security

Virtual Network, Load Balancer, Azure DNS, Azure ExpressRoute, Content Delivery Network, Azure Active Directory, Azure Firewall, Azure DDos Protection, Web application firewall

Implementation of web & mobile apps

App service, Virtual studio app centre, Azure Maps


API management, Service bus, Event grid, Azure API for FHIR

DevOps tools

Azure Pipelines, Azure DevTest Labs, Azure Repos, Azure Boards, Azure test plans, Azure artifacts

Data processing and analytics

Azure synapse analytics, Power BI embedded, HDInsight, Data lake analytics, Azure stream analytics, Azure Databricks, Data factory


Azure ML, Text analytics, Azure cognitive, Azure bot, Bing AI, Computer vision, Custom vision


Azure IoT central, Azure IoT hub, Azure digital twins, Azure sphere


Azure blockchain, Azure blockchain workbench


How can I leverage your Azure development services?

To partner with us for your Azure development needs, simply fill out the contact form on our website. We will promptly respond to discuss your project requirements and provide you with a detailed proposal tailored to your custom software engineering needs. If needed, we can also arrange a call with our technical expert. You can engage our dedicated Azure team full-time, part-time, retainer, or hourly to meet your project requirements.

What is the core expertise of your Azure development team?

Our team of experts at C-Metric has core expertise and advanced specialization with Microsoft 365 silver competency, which includes skilled Azure professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience in building secure, scalable, and next-gen solutions. Experience the best Microsoft Azure cloud services with us.

How much experience an average Azure developer has?

The average experience of our Azure developer is 3 to 6 years. They are well-versed in serving emerging cloud services. This helps us to serve a broader range of entrepreneurs.

Can you make developers available according to my time zone?

We try our level best to serve you based on your time preference. Our Scrum Master ensures that your hire team’s working hours are aligned according to your time zone.

Can you ensure the backup resource if my existing developer is unavailable due to an emergency or decides to move with any other organization?

Do not worry at all; we take care of all the necessary provisions to safeguard your business in such a situation.

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