At C-Metric, we have built powerful solutions for care home and foster care to manage their beneficiaries. Our proven expertise in creating applications that help NGOs to handhold and transfer inmates of shelters to other shelters gives us the experience to help NGOs to handle the logistical nightmare of managing shelters. Among our flagship solutions for civil agencies, our solution developed for an NGO in the UK is very comprehensive and feature-rich application. The client needed a solution that can assess risk, generate daily/periodic reports of observation of individuals, assist in finance, help in tracking movement and generate various MIS reports to offer insight the overall operations.

We develop simple solutions by using powerful features of many technologies. NGOs need solutions that are scalable, and may require migration from legacy systems that have database management – for maintaining the records of minors who are taken care of in foster homes.

The robust Content Management System (CMS) includes functions like Data Archiving Solutions, User Dashboard, Communication Manager and functional Report generation to analyze the service strengths and weaknesses to improving their decision-making, and service user relationship, ultimately improving the overall quality of service delivery.

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