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Build GDPR and HIPAA compliant custom healthcare software solutions to accelerate digital health innovation in response to the evolving healthcare industry. We are the most preferred healthcare software development services provider.

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From preliminary research to deployment and maintenance, we provide a complete suite of healthcare technology services at a sustainable cost. Our digitally empowered innovators bring top-notch domain expertise to help hospitals, clinics, healthcare systems, and other providers to improve patient outcomes, remote care, balance costs, secure PHI, and automate medical workflows.

Healthcare Software Solutions We Develop For:

  • Startups & ISVs
  • Healthcare providers
  • Payers & Insurance providers
  • Pharma companies
  • Medical research organizations
  • Government & Public health

Custom Healthcare Software Development Services for Everyday Needs

1. Healthcare App Development

We provide a wide range of services in healthcare app development focused on driving digital transformation in the healthcare industry.

  • Healthcare app consultation
  • UI/UX services for app
  • Support & maintenance for app
  • Back-end app development

2. HIPAA & Other Compliances

Leverage our HIPAA-compliant application development services for better security and confidentiality of patients while complying with all the healthcare standards.

  • HIPAA & HITech compliance
  • Secure messaging
  • Data access/security/encryption

3. Healthcare Cloud Services

Our healthcare developers provide the right kind of consultation, deployment support, and managed services for various cloud platforms to simplify your journey to the healthcare cloud.

  • Cloud migration
  • Compliant cloud operations
  • Cloud assessment
  • Managed cloud services and more

4. mHealth Solutions

We have years of experience in developing cutting-edge mHealth solutions that allow your patients to track their diagnostic performance for effective and immediate care efficiently.

  • Healthcare app consultation
  • Faster analysis of medical conditions
  • Experience in creating market-ready solutions
  • Update patients on alarming signals

5. Medical Software Development

Get medical software development services from us to track internal procedures, asset management, equipment, insurance claim management, healthcare supply chain management, and execution of electronic billing procedures.

  • Digital patient experience
  • Medical operations optimization
  • Omnichannel patient communication

6. Patient engagement platforms

We can help you build a robust patient engagement platform to ensure digital patient engagement through surgical care pathways.

  • Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS)
  • Two-way interaction between patients and care teams
  • Educational care pathways for surgery patients through a user-friendly app

7. Pharmacy Management

Connect with us today to streamline your entire pharmaceutical operations to manage your pharmacy business more efficiently;

  • Automating prescription fills
  • Tracking inventory and prescriptions
  • Managing dispensing workflows
  • Improve your revenue and drive up the value

8. Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

We can help you build advanced analytical tool to make accurate diagnoses for personalizing treatment plans on a preliminary self-diagnosis platform.

  • Detecting early signs of patient deterioration
  • Identifying equipment maintenance needs before they arise
  • Speeding up insurance claims submission
  • Forecasting appointment no-shows
  • Preventing readmissions

9. QA and Test Automationt

We have established our reputation in providing end-to-end product quality assessment and validation services to our clients for their custom healthcare applications.

  • Functional and Usability testing
  • Security and Compliance testing
  • Performance and Platform testing

Data Science / AI

Detect and analyze patterns across data in real-time to identify health conditions, potential treatment methods, and their outcomes and take life-saving decisions at speed.

Our Customizable Suite of Products Catering to Various Digital Healthcare Use Cases

  • e-Pharmacy Management System
  • Hospital Information System & Practice Management Software
  • Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) System
  • Medical Transportation
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Telehealth & Medicine Software
  • Patient Portal
  • EHR/EMR Software
  • Medical Sales
  • PACs and DICOM Viewer Software
  • SAP Services for Healthcare
  • Healthcare Information Exchange (HIE) Software
  • Laboratory Information Management System(LIMS) Software
  • Electronic Prescription(eRx) Software
  • HL7 Interface Software
  • Assistive Technology Software

Insurance Industry Offerings and Use Cases

  • Fraud Detection
  • Customer Unified View
  • Call Center Data Analytics
  • Social Media Intelligence and Analytics
  • Customer Satisfaction Studies and Trends
  • Defining Cross Selling and Up-Selling Campaigns

Technologies and Architecture Types We Use

  • Front-end: HTML, CSS, JS, Angular, React, Meteor, Vue.js, Next.js, Ember
  • Back-end: .NET, Java, Python, Node, PHP, Go
  • Mobile: Android, iOS, Xamarian, Cordova, PWA, React Native, Flutter, Ionic
  • Clouds: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean
  • Platforms: MS Dynamics 365, Salesforce, Magento, Sharepoint, SAP
  • DevOps: Containerization, Automation tools, CI/CD tools, Monitoring tools
  • Databases: SQL, NoSQL
  • Cloud databases: AWS, Azure, Google cloud platform
  • Architecture designs and patterns: SOA, Traditional 3 layer architecture, Reactive architecture, Cloud-native architecture, Microservices-based architecture

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Why Choose Us For Healthcare Software Development?

  • 25+ years in custom software development
  • 10+ years in complex healthcare software development
  • 15+ Healthcare solutions delivered
  • Patient-centered approach
  • HIPPA & HITECH – Compliant experienced software engineers
  • Experience with healthcare standards
  • EHR Integration Expertise

Ola Andersson

Founder,, Sweden

C-metric’s clarity and expertise helps to take our vision to reality. We have been developing a product for Fitness training. Research and development have been done simultaneously. And now we are getting close to launch of product. C-metric has been agile in the development and development has been fast and effective. We at hope this is just the beginning of a Long and successful Journey together with C-metric.

Jonas Wenzel

CEO, RingBox, Sweden

It’s my first attempt of outsourcing and the experience of working with C-metric, is exceptional. They are extremely professional and responsive in their service. 10 out of 10 points. I have managed to create a platform that is scalable together with the team at C-metric. Can’t stop giving credit for how talented the developers and project managers are at C-Metric. I can highly recommend them to anyone who needs help with development.

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