Keeping customers happy, content, and loyal to a business is a tough task and every business owner leaves no stone unturned to make it happen.  Even though it takes a toll on one’s investments and operations, business owners can’t afford to put these things aside and move ahead.

If a customer is satisfied and sticks to a business, no one can defeat it.  That’s the end of the story.  But how to pull this off?  There are many ways, and experts prefer having a mobile app above all.

It does more than have easy service delivery.  It keeps buyers happy.  This is true for e-commerce businesses as well.  Read the blog to find out what impact a mobile app has on customer loyalty and satisfaction and how it happens.

eCommerce Mobile App – A Way For Winning Customers’ Heart

If asked, even Starbucks customers will say that it’s the mobile app that they loved the most after the Vanilla Latte or Iced White Chocolate Mocha.

As per recent research, the Starbucks mobile app is supposed to be used by over 23 million customers.  Users of the Starbucks app claim to have a higher user experience with the app that is far above what they experience with high-end brands like Google and Apple.

Starbucks’ CEO also confirmed that the company’s mobile app helped capture over 36% of the total coffee market in the US.

Is it possible that a mobile app can make such a huge difference?

Well, it’s very possible, provided you know how to use the mobile app in full swing.  The mobile app is one the most viable way using which a customer can stay connected with customers.  And the stronger this connection is, the higher the sales.

Not only this; it is useful to improve customer satisfaction and build loyalty.  This is how it happens.

  • Rewards and rewards

No one hates rewards.  Customers are so obsessed with earning rewards points that they often spend more just to grab some lucrative rewards.  With a mobile app, it’s easy to build a reward program, update customers about it, and provide instant redemption.

If you know the art and science of reward programs, you can use them to attract more customers and sales.  The Starbucks app is a live example of this.  For each purchase, they are awarded points that can be redeemed for future purchases.  This way, they get a discount and enjoy the privilege of being an esteemed customer.  When customers are being treated special and made to feel privileged, it’s obvious to develop an affinity towards those businesses.  They stick to the businesses to receive that extra distinctive treatment.  Gladly, a mobile app makes this go smoothly.

  • A real-time buying experience is possible in a mobile app

The biggest challenge for an e-commerce store is to maintain the equilibrium between real and virtual experience with the product.  Customers often ditch an online store because what they see and what they got to seem like two entirely different products.  This also leads to a high return rate that causes an extra operational burden on them.

With the inclusion of AI, VR, and AR, it’s possible to abridge the gap between reality and the virtual world that online shoppers face.  Integration of these technologies helps an e-Commerce mobile app to provide a life-like buying experience.

For instance, shoppers can create their avatars and see how the clothes or accessories will look on them.  They can easily upload their actual photos to try make-up, clothes, and other stuff.  Why only clothing?

Other e-Commerce stores can also benefit from this technology.  IKEA has such a feature in its app where you can upload the room photo and design it using the products from the stores.  You can create a virtual version of your real room.

Nike has gone a step ahead to shorten this gap by launching the metaverse showroom.  In this showroom, people can even buy with their virtual friends.

This way, they can judge a product before actually buying it and make decisions accordingly.  When they get products that are perfect in both the real and virtual world, they are satisfied, will keep the products, and shop more.

But, all of this isn’t possible on a website.  These technological advancements are possible in an app and only deliver the best value in this way.

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  • Quick resolution to the queries and order issues

How cumbersome is it to find a customer care number, find out the order details of the order, and call the customer number to raise an issue?  This irks customers the most.

This is why many online shoppers hesitate to shop online from a business if they find the customer support of that store failed to live up to their expectations.  This is also a major reason for customers not to shop in the future.

But, with the help of an e-Commerce app, it’s easy for businesses to improve customer support and make it extra responsive.  They can set up a live chat bot to answer all the queries.  The in-app calling feature prevents the number dialing hassles.

A direct emailing facility is also offered.  The app already offers an order tracking facility to find out what is happening with the order.  All these features make business-customer communication seamless, quick, and detailed.  Customers have faith in the online store as they can reach out to the customers immediately.

  • Personalized service delivery

Personalization is the key to thriving in the e-Commerce industry.  Customers love apps like Netflix and Amazon because they present what customers want to see or buy.

Amazon has a highly personalized Home page for every customer where recommendations are provided as per the past purchase and search history.  Its users have claimed to have less product finding time as they already found a relevant product on the Home page.

Netflix has managed to experience a commendable sales hike after its app started offering personal recommendations.  Finding the right content to watch from a huge library is difficult.  But, the Netflix app makes it happen using powerful AI.  This is why many streaming lovers prefer Netflix over any other platform.  They have become loyal to it.

  • Keeping customers informed and posted about everything

An informed customer is a happy customer.  Customers don’t want to miss out on any offer or discount.  They are happy to be associated with a business that provides instant updates without making any efforts.

Gladly, achieving this goal is possible with the help of push notifications.

The push notification feature makes it easy to keep customers updated about anything your store offers.  Be it the order updates or new offers, you can keep your customers updated with everything essential.  With push notifications, it’s easily possible for your customers to grab some lucrative deals.

The Crux of the Discussion

From the above justification, it’s clear that an e-Commerce mobile app is useful when it comes to improving customer experience with the store and establishing loyalty towards the business.  But, all of this is possible when you’ve developed an e-Commerce app with utter perfection.

Mobile app development is a task that has to be achieved by paying attention to various aspects like:

  • Personalization
  • Use of advanced technologies like AI, voice search, VR, and many more
  • Native or cross-platform development
  • Extensive testing and development
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Diverse payment methods

All these aspects have to be perfected when one wants to acquire a very functional and feature-rich e-Commerce app.  For that you need to have the help of a professional eCommerce development company that can easily pull all these e-Commerce app development components.

C-Metric is one name that you can bank upon when it comes to mobility solutions for eCommerce app development.  With years of excellence and a team of skilled in-house developers, this app development service provider has helped hundreds of businesses to acquire and update result-driven e-Commerce apps.  Put forward your requirements to us and wait for an exceptional mobile app that can make your customers more content and satisfied.

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