Why Does Your Business Need A Custom Travel and Tourism App?

The tours and travel industry is one of the largest service industries in recent years, and technology has greatly contributed to it. Especially because of the handy devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc. Using travel and tourism apps, people can look up places, make inquiries, book hotels, tickets, etc.

If you are an online travel operator, agent, or destination management company, having your digital presence on such travel portals, mobile apps, and social media will undoubtedly make a favorable impact!

Building a travel and tourism solution for your business will help you to stand apart. Let’s look into how;

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Easy travel booking for end-users at a few clicks

Increase customer loyalty

Increase customer engagement

Provide exclusive offers

Convenient customer support

Offer customized and improved services

Easy travel booking for end-users at a few clicks

Convenient customer support

Offer customized and improved services

Solutions We Provide For Tours & Travel Industry

We can help you develop best-in-class solutions to fulfill your custom business requirements. Leverage our battle-tested expertise to optimize business operations, cut additional costs and maximize your business revenue.

Online Booking Platform

We can help you build a full-fledged online travel booking platform identifying the specific requirements of end-users. So at their ease and convenience, your prospects can book the tickets for flights, design custom packages, select their choice of rooms for hotels and make some necessary changes to your package quickly and without any hassle. We can provide a one-stop solution for travel agencies, tour operators, and travel companies all across the world.

Inventory Management Systems

Leverage our expertise in developing a traveling inventory management system to simplify your business processes and keep everything under control using automation. Our developers have helped various industry leaders to build feature-rich IMS software systems to maximize their ROI and enhance the efficiency of their business.

Reservation Systems

We can deliver top-of-the-line reservation solutions to travel agencies and companies so that they can provide better customer service to their end-users. Accessing the online reservation system, customers can check availability, book an inquiry, generate a ticket for flights, hotels, car rentals, or experience other custom services.

Travel Portals

C-Metric is a leading software development company delivering B2B & B2C solutions with advanced features to start-ups, SMEs, and large-scale organizations. Get in touch with us to know how we can help you with a customized online travel portal for your business.

Marketing Management Systems

Hire skilled and experienced technology developers from us to build a complete marketing management solution to communicate with your customers most conveniently. Having developed such solutions enhances customer experience and helps you gain your customer’s loyalty in no time.

Billing, Invoicing & Accounting Software

Develop all-in-one travel accounting software with us to manage all the travel agency finances at your ease and convenience. We have a proven track record of developing accounting solutions that allow travel agencies to send invoices, accept payments online quickly, and much more.

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We Design and Develop Travel App Solutions for,

Tour Operators

TMCS – Travel Manage companies

DMCs – Destination Management Company

OTAs – Online Travel Agency

Cruise Companies

Why Choose C-Metric for Travel Portal Development?

On-time project delivery

Impeccable experience

Highly interactive UI/UX design

Stunning product performance

Best-in-class security

Smooth functionality

Simple and transparent pricing

Dedicated development team

Flexible engagement models

Fully signed NDA

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How much does it cost to make a tour and travel app/solution?

Honestly, it completely depends upon your project requirements. We can help you build a travel app/solution in a cost effective way. Share your project requirements with us and we will get back to you with the total estimated cost and development time period.

How long does it take to create a travel app/portal?

Creating a travel app depends on various factors such as development technology, features & functionalities, UI/UX complexity, deployment on various devices, hired designer and developers, third-party integrations, etc. Once you share your requirements with us, we will estimate the time to complete your project and let you know about it.

Do you sign SLA? How secure is my idea with you?

Your business idea is 100% secure with us. It’s been 26 years since we have been serving businesses of all shapes and sizes, and we very much understand the importance of protecting your business idea. That’s the reason we sign an NDA.

How much experience an average cloud developer has?

The average experience of our cloud developers is 3 to 6 years. Our cloud developers are well-versed in serving emerging cloud services. This helps us to serve a broader range of entrepreneurs.

Can you ensure about the backup resource if my existing developer is unavailable due to an emergency or decides to move with any other organization?

We take care of all the necessary provisions to safeguard your application development in such a situation.

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