With Big Data, it is no question that the innovative concept confounds enterprises and professionals incessantly. However, it is more confusing to find the tangible cause for the same. The problem isn’t just because of Big Data being fresh or dealing with gigantic amounts of numbers. There seems to more to the intricacies. But, what? Let’s elucidate.

Big Data

1. We are not engineers

Looking from the general perspective, we are not engineers. We are rather social scientists, who are not trained enough for playing with colossal data sets or refined analytical tools. That is what IT professionals are meant to do. Our set of primary tools includes surveys, focus groups, consumer panel data, and more. In fact, majority of corporate professionals like managers have to get out of their comfort zones in order to move beyond spreadsheets and presentations.

2. We are technically challenged

Big Data perpetually grows and never ceases to keep flowing in. For us, it is ever more perplexing to envisage about the arrival of more and more data, when we have our hands tied around a certain project. Of course, the same is driven by a periodic planning cycle, which is split into financial quarters for the allocation of budgets.

3. We are accustomed to start and end dates

For professionals belonging from the advertising, PR, marketing, and sales departments, every task revolves around its start and end date. As corporates, we love working with campaigns and that’s why we can always plan and execute better with that notion. However, with Big Data, things never stop from happening. Data seldom ceases and keeps coming till the system crashes.

4. We like everything sorted

Big Data is unstructured, since nobody has organized the raw data and placed it into seamless categories, which are ready to be analyzed. We find Big Data a little messy, as it doesn’t fit in the frameworks, which we have developed over the time.

What do you find difficult about Big Data? Care to share?

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