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Enable SSO with OneLogin for Healthcare Service Group

Category: Healthcare

Services: Application Development, Replace SharePoint with OneLogin, Developed a System with Role Based Access.

100% Centralized

Permission-based access is available to the users to access different functions.


Easy to support in the long run.


In line with modern business requirements and user demands

Business Challenges

The client was looking for a development partner to help them develop a solution enabling users to access different documents and links with role-based access to the system. End users should be able to view, whereas administrative users should be able to manage different sections of the system.

  1. The major challenge was the need for the system to manage user requests and approve processes through OneLogin.
  2. Needed help to replace SharePoint.
  3. There was no synchronization where users could work for their allocated areas like division, region, or distinct and could request location, tasks, and HR.
  4. Additional functionality for the admin to manage site data and use the import and export request facility for all forms was also required.

C-Metric Solution

We proposed developing a solution available through OneLogin that enables users to access different documents and links with role-based access. General users are available with view rights, whereas Administrative users are provided rights to manage documents, forms, common websites, Reference lists, and client Info sheets.

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