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Enabled DevOps on Cloud to Scale from On-premise Environment Using CI/CD Kubernetes

Category: Furniture Manufacturing Business

Services: Enabled DevOps on Cloud, Continuous Development and Continuous Integration using Kubernetes, On-premise Infrastructure to Cloud with Zero Downtime, DevOps Engineering.


improvement in customer satisfaction


Users accessing the platform a day


Chances of application failure

Business Challenges

The client deployed a new system of automation into production. Due to heavy DB size, it caused significant inconsistency whenever there were changes related to the product to be incorporated, and it impacted the overall production system.

  1. One of the significant issues was the rigidity of the on-premise infrastructure, causing problems like delayed execution of changes made to the program (code).
  2. There was a roadblock in incorporating those changes to different parts of the system, creating a bottleneck situation while data was being processed.
  3. With all these issues, it was tough for the client to manage the production pace and meet the deadlines.

C-Metric Solution

We enabled DevOps CI/CD Kubernetes, which would help the client to accommodate the changes in the shortest time possible with less downtime, less direct maintenance, and a better production rate, which leads to better customer satisfaction.

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