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Successful Digitization of Unstructured Data into Actionable Intelligence

Category: Coal Trading Business

Services: Multi-user login accounts with different access permissions, Reduced Storage Space, Improved Data Security, Dynamic and Responsive User Interface.


Improvement in project management and its respective operations.


Secured data management.


Reduction in operational costs.


Business Challenges

The client used to manage everything manually via Excel sheets. Different teams used different Excel sheets to plan and execute the processes.

  1. All the processes were managed manually; the first and foremost challenge the client faced was data duplication, as the chances of error increased dramatically.
  2. The major challenge that the client faced was related to data getting captured at different places, i.e., some data was captured in Excel sheets, some data in SAP, and some data in Tally.
  3. There was no synchronization between these applications, which ultimately resulted in a lack of actual profitability analysis.

C-Metric Solution

C-Metric proposed developing a dynamic and responsive web application to manage the planning and execution processes. This application enables the client's marketing team to manage the marketing plan, which can be uploaded or created by filling out the form.

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