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C-Metric Transforms Customer Management System for a Web Development Agency with TYPO3 Technology

Category: Web Development, Customer Management System


C-Metric collaborated with a leading web development agency in Germany to revolutionize its
customer management system using TYPO3 CMS. The agency, facing limitations with
off-the-shelf solutions, sought a custom TYPO3 solution for cost savings, new revenue streams,
and margin protection.

C-Metric’s Approach

C-Metric, with its TYPO3 development expertise, adopted a spiral development technique for
efficient planning and timely delivery. The team ensured efficient communication, providing
regular updates via phone, Skype, and email.

Key Features Developed by C-Metric

Using TYPO3 technology, C-Metric developed features like cross-platform compatibility,
customizable reports, and customer-specific customization.


The TYPO3 solution enabled the agency to target new markets, protect profit margins, achieve
significant cost savings, and explore continuous revenue streams.


The collaboration exemplifies how C-Metric transformed an innovative idea into a successful
enterprise, positioning the agency for sustained expansion in the competitive field of TYPO3
website development for customer management systems.

Why Choose C-Metric

  • TYPO3 Development Expertise
  • Strategic Engagement Model
  • Adaptation to Spiral Development Method
  • Efficient Planning and Delivery

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