Moving to the cloud is imperative. With 90% of businesses using the cloud somehow, the cloud has become an integral part of today’s business and personal sphere. Azure Cloud is one of the most preferred cloud vendors that modern-era businesses are banking upon.

They swear by its functionalities and features. However, moving to the cloud is not as easy as it seems, as the cost involved could be too high, and its proper optimization is non-negotiable. Azure Cost Management is Microsoft’s answer to all these cloud expense-related worries. The tool is useful for spotting caveats and designing remedial solutions.

In this blog post, existing and future Azure Cloud users will learn about the utility of Azure Cost Management and how it can help you intelligently manage your cloud funds.


Azure Cost Management – The Real Game-Changer 

Offered as a free service, Azure Cost Management is a highly advanced and feature-rich tool that assists Azure Cloud users in optimizing the cost so that maximum harvesting ROI from the invested funds is possible.

Moving to the cloud can help you save a huge deal of money in the future on various operational fronts. However, this is possible only when cloud deployment is done intelligently. This is why optimizing cloud deployment expenses is possible. However, the task is tedious as constant attention is needed.

With Azure Cost Management, it’s easy to do financial planning before and during the cloud migration. Not only is the tool useful during present cloud usage, but it can also help you find out the future expenses as you grow and your cloud dependency expands.

Whether you’ve already deployed Azure Cloud or planning to do this in the future. Azure Cloud Management will help you in:

  • Learning about the cost of different Azure services
  • Real-time monitoring of cloud spend
  • Successful implementation of cloud cost analysis
  • Improving the cloud investment
  • Managing AWS and Azure Cloud spending from a unified platform
  • Distributing funds as per the need of the hour

With such wide assistance, this tool is going to make cloud migration and usage as per the budget and operational requirements.

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Key Features of Azure Cost Management 

Azure Cost Management is not the only tool that helps in cloud cost optimization. However, this is perhaps the only tool that is equipped with exceptional features such as:

Continuous monitoring – Azure Cost Management monitors cloud cost and related operations. Reporting is done regularly. This way, keeping tabs on cloud expenses as activities continue is easy.

Azure Advisor Integration – Azure Cost Management comes with Azure Advisor integration that makes price recommendations, and finding future cost trimming prospects is easier than before.

Customized Cost Planning – This is one of the few Azure cost management tools that provide a highly advanced cost management API. Using this API, it’s possible to explore cost optimization opportunities, plan data usage, and generate highly customized filters.

Power BI Integration— This integration makes Power BI cost exporting possible and combines your cost analysis with the advanced Power BI analysis that makes it more impactful.

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Top Ways to Optimize Your Azure Cloud Cost 

Azure Cost Management offers a couple of tools and solutions for skillful cost optimization in the least possible hassles. Have a look at hand-picked solutions:

1. Azure Cost Management + Billing 

With this suite, enterprises and small businesses can easily manage and analyze the cost of the workloads operated over the cloud. By grouping the budgeting and previous spending, this tool helps you set a spending threshold that fits well.

Constant monitoring of cloud cost expenses is useful to find out the past cost expenses and pattern so that future requirements can be easily analyzed. The report will help you determine the cost of the Azure services and other third-party services.

The best part of this suite is that the real-time cost of Azure services is used for comparison and reporting. Even if there is a slight change in the pricing, it would be updated instantly.

2. Azure Cost Analysis 

The Azure Cost Analysis tool from the Azure Cost Management suite is here to make sure that your Azure spending is optimized and aligned to Azure functions. Using the high-end technology, this tool will auto-capture the cost of all the services and compare them in real-time.

If you’re using this tool diligently, you can find out which bill is going out of your spending capacity. A Cost Analysis dashboard provides a real-time overview of spending time, estimation, granularity, and so on. Its Cost by Resource is one of the most useful reports that cloud users can use to determine which resources are consuming the most of your cloud cost.

3. Azure Advisor

If you’re having trouble assigning your funds and finding out what Azure services will bring you the best value, try using Azure Advisor. This is a personalized advisor that Microsoft offers to you. With this advisor, it’s easy to learn about the best Azure Cloud deployment practices and decide which resource will bring the best ROI in your scenario.

This tool is highly useful for finding hidden cost-saving opportunities without compromising performance. Based on your personalized recommendations, this tool is useful for aligning the Azure services with the requirements.

It will define specific and suggested actions to implement the recommendations so that you can make most of the solutions implemented.  Along with cost, this advisor guides you in other aspects like security, operational excellence, and performance of Azure Cloud.

4. Azure Calculator 

With Azure Calculator, it’s easy to get a rough estimate for the services you’re planning to use in the future. You only need to add the services you’re interested in, and this tool will compare their cost and provide you with an estimate.

If you’re interested in a particular service, then this tool will help you get a quote for this service before you actually deploy that solution. That’s not the end of it. It will also help you to find out the cost-effectiveness of existing services and decide whether you’re investing in the right service. All in all, this tool is useful for using your money intelligently.

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The Challenges 

Even though Azure Cost Management is a great tool that one can use to ease down the cloud migration journey, it’s not as seamless as it seems. There are challenges like setting up as per your needs, using cost management API in the best possible manner, making sense out of the complex reporting, and using insights in the real world. For many, it’s not easy to make sense of the analyzed data and use them on operational fronts.

Challenges in Azure Cloud Migration

Make Most of Azure Cost Management 

The key here is taking the help of a skilled Azure Cloud partner that will help you use Azure Cost Management in full swing while dealing with its implementation challenges. Using its expertise, this partnership will help you explain the meaning of the data presented and make operational changes accordingly.

With an Azure Cloud partner, it’s easy to ease down the cloud migration journey as it will help you find out which data is worth migrating. All in all, Azure Cloud migration is no longer a tedious job with an expert Azure Cloud partner.

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