If you’re someone who wants to stay updated with the latest tech news, you must be already aware of the boom of RPA or Robotic Process Automation. This technology is the talk of the town as every tech-driven organization is adopting it.

A recent Deloitte Global RPA Survey revealed that 54% of the participating organizations had already started RPA adoption at the time of the survey, while 19% of participants were planning to adopt it in the coming two years.

It’s believed that nearly 78% of organizations will depend on RPA in the next two years. This clarifies why the RPA market experienced 35% growth in 2021 alone. RPA is going to be everywhere, and as a futuristic organization, it is wise to adopt it ASAP.

Do you wonder what jobs it can handle? Well, we will bring clarity to this part. The post talks about the top 10 business processes that one can easily automate with RPA.

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) – For The Rescue Of Everyone

Finance, healthcare, insurance, education, IT, and everything else; you name any industry and see RPA leading the workflow on various fronts. Its implementation has managed to deliver more than expected outcomes. But, those who were pleased to have it were using RPA at the right place and at the right time.

You can’t hand over everything to RPA, sit back, and relax. This will bring doomsday in no time.

Have a look at the top 10 business processes that are perfect for RPA.

#1 – Employee Hiring and Onboarding

Tired of resume sorting, interview scheduling, training, and everything else that is required to hire a skilled talent out of thousands of applicants? Well, try Robotic Process Automation. Considering the exhaustiveness of this job and the extent to which RPA simplifies it, we will take no extra time to declare that this is the base use case of RPA.

When implemented correctly, Robotic Process Automation will help one to do resume parsing & shortlisting, conduct pre-screening interviews, schedule interviews, notify the candidate about the progress at each stage, and many more things with the least possible human interventions. It will help you have the best talent with the least invested efforts.

#2 – Loan approval and processing

Nearly 80% of finance professionals are using Robotic Process Automation. But why? RPA is capable of processing key financial processes with utmost accuracy and swiftness. Human handling of jobs like loan application approval and processing is very tedious. RPA uses advanced AI to determine which loan applications are filled out of millions and are meeting pre-decided criteria. RPA tools can sort, filter, and forward the loan application with full perfection.

#3 – Invoice handling

Oh! Long and confusing invoices. There are taxes to add, discounts to minus, and coupons to apply during invoice processing. Humans are no longer efficient for this job.

Strategically configured RPA tools are capable of mechanized invoice handling at every stage. They will help you sort the data, spot the errors, generate invoices, forward it to the concerned client, and in various other jobs. Try it once for invoice processing, and we bet you’ll never have human hands handling it.

#4 – Make the procure-to-pay process seamless

It goes a lot to bring business-critical goods and resources. Mostly, businesses adopt a centralized procurement workflow based on old-school processes. Just to complete one order, many software and professionals remain engaged.

RPA adoption will make the entire process more easy and well aligned. It will bring everyone on board, vendors, distributors, suppliers, souring, goods payment, order processing, and so. If you wish to have a highly managed P2P process, try Robotic Process Automation.

#5 – ERP data entry

RPA is a great way to keep your key people free from being engaged in the mundane job of data entry. We know data is the Gold for organizations. But, it doesn’t seem wise to keep your key workforce engaged in data entry. RPA will automate the entire ERP data entry process and can collect, log, process, update, and validate data in real time.

#6 – Deploy it in the mailroom

You don’t need an actual workforce in your mailroom as Robotic Process Automation is here. RPA implementation in the mailroom will help you completely digitize the data entry process. It will receive, forward, and reply to emails with full perfection.

#7 – Make it your security check partner

The present era is not an era where you have a laid-back attitude when it comes to an organization’s cybersecurity.

You have to be extra responsive and attentive around the clock. Humans can’t make it happen, but RPA will certainly do it. RPA security tools will monitor network security, scan the devices, monitor resource usage, and alter key people when a hacker makes a move.

#8 – Report generation

We all know how tiring it is to create reports. Collecting and calculating data can exhaust any human. But, RPA won’t get tired and sick of seeing data. This is why most accounting and financial professionals have started using RPA in report generation.

#9 – Price Monitoring

Today’s buyers are smart. They don’t mind ditching a business if they get a good deal elsewhere. This is why it’s very crucial to keep an eye on your competitor and the price they are offering. RPA is the best bet in this case. Without missing a single detail and feeling tired, RPA tools can monitor real-time prices and change product prices per the market condition.

#10 – Payroll processing

Ask any HR professional about the specific part of the job, and you will undoubtedly get payroll processing as the answer. Payroll processing is tedious but crucial. Every month HR professionals have to spend hours after hours calculating salaries and various other stuff. Despite good efforts, they often make a mistake or miss a deadline. Well, payroll processing isn’t easy. This is why it’s an ideal implementation case for RPA.

RPA implementation allows HR professionals to remain free from long calculations that they have to make every month. Automatically, data from multiple resources will be collected and processed. In fact, it can handle paycheck generation.

Wait! There is more to it.

Don’t get carried about with the copious benefits RPA brings to the table in key business processes. Having RPA and implementing it is not the only thing you should be concerned about.

You must ensure that its implementation is aligned with your goal, business-specific needs are taken care of, your team is trained enough to command RPA, and tons of various other things. RPA implementation requires tons of groundwork before bringing up what it’s known for.

As a business, you must start to enjoy RPA implementation benefits. But, you won’t be ready and equipped to invest in primary study and research. Even if you’re ready, it’s wise to have professional aid.

You must outsource RPA implementation services as this is the best and hassle-free way to get the job done. With seasoned tech partners like C-Metric, you can have customized, cost-optimized, and technically sound RPA solutions at your disposal.

With a team of notorious RPA developers and consultants, this tech partner will make this technology work in its best form for you. If you have its aid, you can sit back and relax while RPA solutions take care of crucial business processes.

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