The wave of digital transformation is so powerful that it often carries away businesses and makes them haste. Everyone just wants to be digitally transformed overnight. This mad rush of being digitally empowered is making organizations forget the most critical aspect, selecting the right digital transformation service provider.

Very few organizations have the wisdom to understand that a right and suitable DXSP or Digital Transformation Service Provider is what will make things right, derive the desired results from the invested efforts, and bring success to the implemented digital transformation journey.

So, the prime focus should be on how to hire the right DXSP partner. If you manage to make this happen, more than half of your hassles are sorted out.

Digital Transformation Service Provider (DXSP) – Key To Success

DXSP, or Digital Transformation Service Provider, is an organization or team of developers that are capable of delivering need-based, cost-optimized, and result-driven digital transformation.

Digital transformation is the process of replacing outdated or legacy technology from the core and modernizing the IT infrastructure. Doing so is needed to ensure the concerned organization is laced with competitive, updated, and time-relevant technologies like AI, IoT, ML, metaverse, etc.

While the adoption of these technologies is a must, not everyone has a team seasoned with all of them. This is where DXSP comes into the picture. It provides the manpower and resources that are required to bring all these technologies into force.

Based on experience and expertise, a DXSP can help in myriad ways. For instance:

  • It can help you find out what all sorts of technologies should be a part of your digital transformation journey
  • It will bring clarity on how and when one must commence the digital transformation journey
  • It can help you bring the right kind of system integrations to the floor
  • You will be able to find out what all sorts of operational changes you have to incorporate for new technology adoption
  • A DSXP partner can take care of further improvements and updates of the technology stack in a strategic manner

While a DXSP is taking care of so many things in so many ways, it’s not wise to become lenient towards its selection. In fact, one must remain extra attentive and aware while selecting the DXSP partner as its excellence and skills will decide how fruitful your digital transformation will come out.

Things To Keep In Mind During DXSP Selection

You can make a mistake with DXSP selection and hand over the task of end-to-end digital transformation at the end to someone novice or naïve. You have to have the best DSXP by your side. To make this happen, here are a few things that shouldn’t be out of your mind during the DSXP selection.

  • Technical competencies

You’re hiring a DSXP because you or your team isn’t well-versed in handling all the key technologies. As you’re naïve, you can’t select someone who is a greenhorn. Such a DSXP won’t be much help. Instead, it will double up your hassles.

Hence, you must ensure that the partner you’re going to pick is skilled enough. Now, how would you find that out? Well, the way out is to pay attention to portfolios, previous projects, websites, social media accounts, and customer reviews.

In today’s digitized world, finding out how good a service provider is is not tough. Reliable and professional DSXPs will certainly have a website for easy business-customer approachability. Make sure you search the website extensively and check out the technical expertise a DSXP owns.

If case studies and previous project details are mentioned on the website, take some time to gauge them. Try to figure out what all technologies the DSXP has covered to date.

Knowing the expertise earned isn’t enough. You need to find out how good the DXSP is at its job. For this to happen, you have to search for customers’ views and experiences. Google Reviews and discussions on social media are the best way to figure this out. Even though it’s going to be a tough and tedious task, we will still suggest you go for it as this hard work will save you from tons of future hassles.

The in-house workforce it has DSXP is the one from which you would be outsourcing the digital transformation. You can own an expert for every domain; this is why you’re hiring a DSXP. What if it fails to provide adequate manpower? Well, if that happens, it would be your worst nightmare. You shouldn’t hesitate to inquire about the workforce the DSXP owns. Ask questions like:

What kind of hiring model do you adopt for your workforce, in–house or outsourcing?

What is the educational background of the developers?

Do the developers have relevant industry experience?

These questions will help you understand the excellence the workforce of aimed DSXP inherits if the right answers are offered.

As developers are the ones who would be creating apps or updating legacy systems for you, their hands-on experience and hold over technology matters a lot.

  • Financial aspects

Of course, you can’t ignore the finances. As digital transformation is going to be a long and finance-consuming journey, you’ve to make sure that a pocket-friendly partner is on board with you. Try to find out which payment model the partner adopts or offers. Is pay per project or pay per service? Also, ask about the cost involved. Digital transformation can start with a few thousand and end up with billions.

How much is your budget?

Does the service cost fall within your budget?

What payment flexibilities are offered to you?

These are a few queries that you should put forward to the under-review DXSP. Always pick one that offers great services at an affordable cost.

  • Ability to adapt, scale, and update

If you wish to be laced with the best technology and tools, your digital partner must be capable of adapting, scaling, and remaining updated before you. Technology is very fickle. What is raging today might be obsolete in no time. Hence, your DXSP must be capable of maintaining the pace with evolving technology.

New technologies and updates are adopted soon, the developers can deliver/deploy modern technologies, and integrations are offered to make sure new updates are incorporated seamlessly. Having these capabilities is imperative.

Good luck with your search

No thumb rule will help you find out the best DSXP. Every organization has different needs, so the hunt will have distinct goals and criteria. The most important thing is when you plan to hire a DXSP for you, that your goals and offerings are aligned. Also, it should offer an updated technology stack within the projected budget.

Gladly, C-Metric is one such Digital Transformation Service Provider (DSXP) for your needs. Trusted by thousands of businesses, C-Metric is a leading DSXP that promises its patrons to bring the best and updated technology at their disposal. The strong adherence to quality practices and ability to stay updated with the latest technology stack has made C-Metric the first choice of many.

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