Mobile applications undeniably play an important part in everybody’s life in this 20th century. Mobile applications are inevitable, from banking to ordering food, we all take the help of mobile applications and our dependency on mobile applications is growing every moment. It has been found that an average, a mobile phone user spends 90% of his/her time in mobile applications. On the other hand, all the business sectors, after understanding the importance of owning a mobile application for the growth and development, every business is trying to develop an amazing application that will get them closer to the clients/users/customers within a few touches.

‘According to a recent report, it has been found that the mobile app development market worth may touch the figure of $20.7 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 21.7%.’

Mobile applications are very useful for businesses and for everyday life. The applications are simple to download from an App Store and Play store, but to take it to the app store and play store, the app owners have spent loads of money and the developers have spent crucial hours and months as per the complexity and scope of the apps.

When it comes to app development, it is always important for the service seeker to make sure that they have a clear picture of what they actually need. And, how the amount spent will pay for their business development, how much it will cost, and how it should look to attract the users.

A complete research and a thorough analysis are a must for the entrepreneurs, before stepping into the project. The foremost thing in any app development venture is finding the right mobile app development company to develop the dream app as planned. Failing to find the right tech partner may waste your time and money, leaving you a failed app.

How much would it cost to develop a mobile application?

Well, there is no fixed cost for mobile application development and it differs with the business app requirements.

When you have found your right partner to develop your app and explained the team about your idea and got your estimation slip, make sure that the pricing is reasonable. As per the complexity of your app idea and the business requirements and your feature requests, you can build an application with an amount somewhere around $24,830 to $59,150.

With the complex ideas you have and the rich features that you demand to be in your application, the app development costs differ from $36,107.5 to $85,150. With all the latest technical integrations and the rich business specific features and complex designs and interfaces, you can have your advanced application built between $59,507.5 and $137,150.

How to reduce the costs of mobile app development?

Here we will discuss on some of the aspects that will help any business owner, entrepreneur, or a start-up owner to reduce costs in the process of developing a mobile application.

The price structure that you will receive in your estimation slip will differ with the size of the company that you choose.

For instance, you will be charged,

$500,000 to $1,000,000 by a Large company

$150,000 to $450,000 by a Mid-sized company

$20,000 to $100,000 by a Small company

When you choose a renowned large company with 1000+ tech experts to help, you will be charged a huge amount, while your cost will be lower when you opt for small or medium sized company.

In order to keep your mobile application cost under check, always be sure of what you want in your application,

  1. How your application should look like,
  2. Develop a clear scope,
  3. Have your business intentions clear on an application,
  4. Opt for minimal designs.

The Development aspects where you can have save money

Choose simple designs.

A simple mobile application design with simple yet interactive interfaces will always attract users and it will serve the purposes. Always ask your developer to get your application developed with minimal colours, minimal aspects, and minimal screens. This will reduce complexity of UI/UX development and will save your money also you do not want to compromise with the quality of the app.

Approach with an MVP

Always opt to have an MVP developed or a prototype built for your mobile application, this way you can have an application model developed and can have your users’ feedback before the app goes LIVE. There are businesses that use MVPs to calculate the app reach prior to the launch and also earn money for the further development and feature integrations.

Make it less complex

When you try to develop your mobile application for the first time, try not to reinvent the wheel, just have a model application or app template to have your ideas implicated in it. You can also go for clone application development services. Pick a popular/ successful application in your business sector, which has similar features as per your requirement/expectation and have your application developed. Here you can save a lot of money as you are not developing the mobile application from the scratch, but you are choosing to build it like an existing application.

Go for Cross-platform or Hybrid application

Developing two different applications or two Native mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms will cost you much. Each platform, Android and iOS come with different development costs. The testing and building features for the devices that Android and iOS support separately will add more to the cost and it may hole your pocket.

It is always better for the Start-up owners and the entrepreneurs with limited budget to get a customized, cross-platform application with responsive features. This will help them own a complete product that will be available for the vast audience in most of the devices and in all the forms. It is always productive to go for a cross platform application when it comes to saving money in the process.

The cross platform applications come with their specialties and benefits that you will reap in the long run and earn at the same time.

Do not go for fancy features and back-end services.

For every feature you choose there will be cost and time spent for back-end as well. This will be added to your bill.

Of course, a feature rich application will help you own an attractive product, but when it comes to budget friendly application development, avoiding fancy and useless features just for the trend will save you a lot of money and time. During the brainstorming and estimation phase try to avoid the fancy or rich feature integrations/incorporations/additions, as that will cost a lot of time and money. Also, adding too many features cannot guarantee that it will bear fruit at the end when the product is LIVE.

Hourly Rates – Make wise decision without burning your pockets

There is another aspect that will differentiate your cost is the hourly rates, that will be applied. You can have a minimal application with simple features developed in 400-500 hours. The number of hours will be increased as per the complex features you list on your application. To build mobile applications with medium complexity, the development process will take 600 – 800 hours, complex and advanced applications will be developed in 1000 – 1300 hours.

The hours spend will directly reflect in the cost. The hourly rates differ as per the regions. On an average, globally, the developers charge $25 -$250/per hour. Every country, as per their technical proficiency and resource availability, they have their own hourly rates set.

On analysing the global mobile application development practices, success rates and other productive development aspects, security, and scalability quotients of the applications, it has been found that India offers the best services with lowest hourly rates ranging from $25 – $150.

Also, the development companies from India are the first choice of the countries to outsource the mobile app development and software development projects. Hiring best Indian mobile application developers has been a resourceful yet cost-efficient way to own the dream mobile application that redefines the business development intentions.

Closing text

While venturing into mobile application development, decide on how to find the right mobile app developer or the mobile application development company to sign your project with. You can either find an offshore or onshore developer, the key aspect lies in their expertise and their experience in the industry.

Hire the best mobile application development company or expert mobility service providers to own a successful, user-centric, application that will scale up your business.

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