Digitally transforming the human resource management or the Digital Human Resource is the hot topic of this era among the professionals.  Human resources are getting more complex these days as it has begun concentrating on and mandating the various aspects of employer-employee relationships.

Digital Human Resource is a highly automated human resource information system (HRIS) built with innovative technologies that support HR processes and activities such as e-signatures and information delivery through Cloud based storage or structure.

And, it is important in the global arena to have an entirely digitized, streamlined, and automated process of reaching, interviewing, hiring, and on boarding the right talent for the positions vacant in an organization. Outsourcing digital transformation for HR processes are one of the important steps to hire the best talents and to ease the tension that prevail among the workforces.

A Forbes study states that, “Some 40% of HR executives worldwide intend to replace their existing, on-premises HR system with a SaaS solution in the near future”

The Digital Human Resource priorities and HRIS.

It is not always about entirely shifting the processes, it is all about setting an objective and digitalising the processes to empower/strengthen the workforce. We cannot transform the entire organization’s human resource process in a blink of an eye, it is like metamorphosis; it will evolve and get shaped into a highly organized system through digital technologies with time on addressing every area that would require changes.

Working from home and remote working style is the new normal. But, the HR process and activities are getting more hectic in handling the employee collaboration, task management, employee engagement, hiring processes, talent pool acquisition, compensation managements,  finding the right resource, facilitating transparency, learning and development, shifting to digital culture,  etc.,    While these areas are fortified, there shouldn’t be any lag in the business process. Hence, it is suggested outsourcing a dedicated digital transformation team for HRIS to take care of the Digital Human Resource system development more efficiently and in an employee-friendly manner.

The Digital HR system will also reduce the workload and offer a hassle-free and effortless human resource management activities. The human resource management automation process must have a clear objective and there are certain factors to have a clear objective set. The factors that should reflect are having a clear business sense and the idea about the impact that this transformation would create in the business process. Do not pick complex issues into the hands. Do not over complicate the process with too many implications start slow and address every issue prudently.

Have a quick analysis and have a clear idea on what the team and employees think about the HR process automation / HRIS/ Digital Human Resource that you have planned. Prioritize the employee ideas, this will create no dissatisfaction among the employees. Try to assess most reported concern and try to address it- based on the impact, technology, and efforts. Critically assess the cultural changes that the new system is going to bring in.

When you plan to digitally transform your human resource department activities, it should be done in a few different stages.

Stages of successful HR digital transformation

  • Make sure that the business runs as usual. The companies always make sure that the HR process transformation never slows down the business process or client communication, rather in it is making it streamlined.
  • Create a system that is more present and active. The most important part of any HR transformation is they should educate the employees on the system. Literacy about the changes and the process eased should always be clear to the employees.
  • Formalize the tools or integrations with intense practice and support to your resources.
  • Build the processes in a way more Innovative and adaptive to the employees and the team.


Why do we go for Digital transformation in organizations?

The key point for implementing Digital Transformation in the human resource system is to promote fluidity and flexibility in the work system and among the workforce. Facilitating team collaborations and technical integrations to ease the process and implementing latest technologies into the system will help to innovate both work culture and workplace.

Digital Transformation is everywhere and everyone from any geography comes and connects through a technology. It is clear that the right HR transformation will improve productivity, great collaboration among the employees, team coordination, and establish flexibility in carrying out tasks. Most importantly, it will greatly enhance the communication part of the organization with their employees and it the most essential factor.

The HR world is already more digitalised and it has been noted that, 70% of HR executives are now using mobile devices to manage HR processes, up from 30% two years ago!

Best KPIs and Metrics To Check The Health of Your Digital Transformation 2023

What is trending in Digital Human Resource?

Cloud Technology

Almost all the organizations are planning to migrate to Cloud based HR technology as it is very helpful in performance tracking, offers real time Information, storing employee data, payroll management, and effective talent management. Cloud-based HR services and e-signature technology are among the key elements unlocking the true essence of Digital Human Resource. It also supports effective delivery and enhance client experiences.

Decentralized HR system with Blockchain

In HR Digital Transformation, Developing a decentralized HR system is one of the most embraced systems and employee-friendly. It has been found that making the HR system decentralized, helped in improved employee engagement activities and has built trust among the employees.

The integration of Blockchain into the employee profile and information management have provided a secured atmosphere and developed trustworthiness among the employer and employees. Since, details secured through Blockchain technology cannot be manipulated and it can only show unmuted data, the work systems and process digitalization with Blockchain technology is one of the most happening practices in the industry after AI and ML. It also secures, payroll, payments to employees. Digital Human Resource with Blockchain integration established and ensures better transparency and consistency in all actions proposed by the managements.

AI and ML

Artificial intelligence and the Machine learning technologies are going places in addressing employee grievances and in offering a great support for creating flawless and effortless work environment. It has been found that integration of AI and automated work processes has shown increased productivity, less stress, and low latency rate in completing tasks and in effective delivery. Artificial intelligence is also empowering AR equipment and devices that unlock exhilarating experiences such as office and factory locations touring.

Closing Text

Human resource management is one of the most important departments in any organization and it has to be secured, modernised, and checked for the ease of working always. Moreover, in this technically enriched task oriented era, where everything is transparent and technologically empowered it is important to digitally transform any human resource management system.  Digitally transformed Modern HR systems help the teams in tracking the performance and attitudes of employees and also helping the HR team highlight the areas of improvement and morale management

A Robert Half study shows that about 1 in 3 professionals (34%) currently working from home would look for a new job if required to be in the office full time.

Integration of the latest technologies into the system, and building an innovative yet a productive and healthy work atmosphere is mandatory for any organization. When the world is getting more digital, the businesses are revamping, mobile features are becoming more and more inventive, the Human resource management is one of the important sectors to be digitally fortified for wealthy business progression.  Without a great human resource management along with great technology integrations your goals may go farther every day.

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