The world, human lifestyle, business routines, environment, work style, people and their preferences, and worldly activities, have completely changed. Our world is no more the same, it has changed a lot and we all have adapted to the digital culture and technology without our conscious involvement. We cannot come out of it and live our lives like an island as we rely on technology for work, money, and to fulfill our everyday needs. In order to have a peaceful yet hassle-free life, we all have to go with the flow and adapt to the tech world. We are not confined though!

The business world, on the other hand, is under pressure to transform their business digitally to be in the race and to be noted among the competitors. By the end of 2022, over 70% of companies will prioritize digital transformation, says a report.

Digital transformation is not always about going technology-friendly or incorporating trending technologies into business operations and in management. On the contrary, it is about automating unique processes, addressing business-specific pullbacks, upgrading systems, becoming aware of the data stored, getting effective insights on business and customer behavior, and integrating certain technologies and tools for the betterment of the business processes, accelerate, and growth.

When we are aware of the importance of the Digital Transformation and in the mission to find the top digital transformation service providers and consulting company, it is highly important to know the trending technologies and the Digital Transformation trends for 2022 and 2023 to get the best result in the process.

Let’s plunge directly into knowing the digital transformation trends 2022 & 2023 and beyond which are going to make a difference in business operations, customer experiences, process automations, sales, and more.

Trends in Digital Transformation 2022 can further be classified as Digital Transformation Technology Trends and Digital Transformation trends in Business operations and Automation of 2022 & 2023.

IoT – Internet of Things in the mission of presenting Smart Systems

The first in the list is Internet of Things Technology (IoT). The technology will provide unimaginable solutions that enhance the human machine interaction for the betterment and innovation of services that the businesses offer. Globally, IoT technology will play an important role in the digital transformation trends that businesses adopt.

Gartner’s prediction says that ‘by 2025, the Internet of Things will be in 95% of new product designs.’ This substantiates that IoT will create magic in the business augmentation, human-machine interaction, and in communication. This embedded sensor technology will make smart work areas and business environments in 2022. The businesses are already in the hunt of the finest IoT service providers in the global market in their efforts to build smart business operations.

AR Cloud – Augmenting the business experiences like never before

Augmented Reality technology is indeed an amazing technology to witness a new world enhanced with information that can be processed individually. The Augmented Reality Cloud is another innovation that will make business possible from anywhere on the earth. The technology can recreate a three dimensional copy of the real-world environment using its spatial properties. The companies that follow digital-first ideologies and companies into retail industry can provide an exhilarating experience to their customers and employees through AR cloud.

This will streamline and pack your business activities in Cloud only to retrieve anywhere and receive and offer real-time experience to the users. This will help the businesses to responsive, efficient, and flawless at the same time. Going Cloud will be the foremost effort of most of the businesses as a step towards transformation. Cloud technology is already disruptive as the companies are transforming their in-premise data centers to cloud services, AR cloud will make it more refreshing and lively for the users enriched with Augmented Reality.

And, a report by ABI research predicts that by 2024, globally, the growth of AR Cloud in business will be about US $102 billion.

Generative AI – The next level of Intelligent Machines

While the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology services have already been revolutionizing and hyper-automating the business activities in and out, the Generative AI will sweep the market. It will provide more towards making well informed decisions and distinctive solutions to business operations and activities. The generative AI is nothing but giving more power to the AI by allowing it to take inputs from every type of existing content like images, audios, texts, videos, arts, etc., to make conceivable yet original/new content. This can be a solution to any unprecedented situations in the business operations. This will automate the business processes completely and deliver customer services with more power and will provide a comprehensive experience without human involvement in the system. In a nutshell the automated system can provide solutions instantly, with more precision, accuracy and cognition than humans in business decision making.

“According to Gartner, generative AI will account for 10% of all data produced, up from less than 1% today by 2025.”

5G Broadband – For Swift and Productive Business Operations

Connectivity, the most important aspect of any communication, no technology will be feasible without connectivity. And, the arrival of 5G and 6G will transfigure the technical world, as with fast internet comes cost saving, faster delivery, quick communication, swift solutions, ready trouble- shooting capability and no lag in the business process. This will ultimately provide an exclusive experience to the customers. With 5G, globally the most recent yet the latest and current broadband technology standard, is making the world more connected and the automation processes more efficient and foolproof. At the end of 2022 and in the advent of 2023, 5G will give businesses the push to operate with low latency, improved connectivity, and less use of energy. The results will be highly instrumental for the customers and highly satisfying for the business owners.

A Statista report predicts that, ‘In 2025, consumer electronics and automotive applications are forecast to make up about 21.7 percent of the global 5G infrastructure market each, while industrial applications will account for just over 20 percent.’

Data Democratization

Data is the most important aspect of any business set up and it is the resource for the ease of business operations. The insights gained through the customer Data, resources, operations information, expenditure reports, and productivity scales, organizations make any prudent decisions to uplift the existing system. Data is crucial for decision making and on making the data democratized and accessible for all the authoritative and the relevant people or team in an organization will offer the benefit of fruitful yet futuristic decision making. This in turn will directly support the entire team to perform towards one and succeed in their business intentions. So, Data democratization will be one of the most performed business activities and will be Digital Transformation trend in 2022 and the years to come.


Total Experience – Business in all forms of Digital Technology

“A Gartner report makes it clear that by 2026, 60% of large enterprises will use total experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels.”

To offer the clients or the customers a wholesome business experience will be one of the important goals of the organizations in 2023. From a responsive website to a sleek app and attractive brick and mortar set-up to an exclusive online store and an attractive social platform, the digital transformation of the organizations in the future will be more on presenting the business to the clients as whole. They will not want to miss out on any opportunity that will leave their customers away from the brand or business. So, the digital transformation idea will get more intense and the companies will strive to offer the wholesome experience digitally.

Highly interactive digital products and wonderful user experience designs will definitely give no space for losing among the competitors, hence, with the advancing technologies every day, offering the clients the Total Experience of the service will be trending in the years to come.

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Digital Transformation, an inevitable phase of any business right now, is trending and will be trending in the years to come. The SMEs and Enterprises are in the important phase of harnessing their businesses, as they have to get into the sales track again after the COVID 19 crisis.

The transformation can be for any reason, but the goal is to achieve greater sales and to grow fast and robust. For your successful Digital Transformation venture, it is always important to consult the experts to avoid any inconsistencies.

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