Microsoft Dynamics 365 has managed to yield more than expected results wherever it has been implemented. However, it is the talk of the town for retailers as its implementation fixed some of the most traditional and highly bothersome issues of the retail and commerce industry.

Retailers need to grasp the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and understand what benefits the Dynamics RMS (retail management system) brings to the table. This blog post will help you greatly in getting the job done.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – What Does It Mean For the Retail & Commerce Industry

A cluster of some of the most powerful operational functionalities, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is here to make things better than ever by offering CRM and ERP apps. Whatever it takes to run a modern and future-driven business is offered by D365 or Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail.

For instance, we have Dynamics 365 for Marketing, Finance, Operations, and Talent. But is it extra it does for the retail and commerce domain? Well, it’s yet to explain.

With time, customer expectations and behavior changed unexpectedly. Digital buying has taken up the world, and customers prefer it moreover brick-and-mortar store shopping.

The digitalization of the retail and commencer industry has thrown some never-seen-before challenges for the market layers. For instance, they need to work upon the digital or social media presence as nearly 70% of buyers check the reviews before actually buying a service/product.

Additionally, payment integration has to be best-of-breed so that customers don’t become prey to online fraud. It’s just the tip of the iceberg. The actual scenario is way more extensive.

Regardless of the challenges, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Point of Sale managed to be the best aid for the retail and commerce industry. They are:

  • Able to have enhanced operations

From streamlining the chain management to simplifying the inventory, retail modern POS Dynamics 365 can do many things. No matter your concerns, Microsoft D365 has something to offer you.

Dynamics 365 for retail can help you streamline the workflow by assisting duties and tracking them in real-time, processing transactions, and doing stock counts using the mPOS anytime/anywhere.

Online stores and e-commerce platforms can monitor the entire customer journey and pivot as per the changing customer needs.

As D365 for retail can easily integrate with Microsoft’s Common Data Service for Apps, working with Cortana, Office 365, Outlook, and PowerBI becomes easier than before.

Microsoft Flow, an automated workflow builder of D365 POS for retail, is no less than a boon for retailers as it enables the app to be integrated with third-party programs and services.

  • Endow their customers with the amazing buying experience

Personalized engagement, frictionless omnichannel journey, multi-channel payment, unified view of the customer journey, and enhanced in-store buying experience are some of the promised outcomes of Dynamics 365 Retail POS. You can also create multiple touchpoints for the customers to contact the service provider without any disturbance. When so much is offered, customers may be impressed by the business.

  • Have better control over the data

Businesses can’t afford to waste the acquired data in a world where data is the real gold. Well, Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System is here to help. It uses powerful ML and AI to make sense of acquired data.

Features like forecasting and analysis help retail determine what to sell, and what not save a huge deal of time and effort.


Businesses Are Unfolding New Opportunities with Microsoft RMS POS

Well, we know it’s hard to believe on word and take an important business decision just because someone is paying you to do so.

This is why we present to you the success stories of Microsoft Dynamics 365 POS in real-time.

Everyone knows Campari Group as these alcohol spirits manufacturers have led the industry for many decades. However, when digitization took place, the company had a tough time pivoting to customer data collection, analysis, and predicting the market trends.

Understanding the seriousness of the situation, Campari soon adopted D365 Retail (Customer Insight), which is the key part of the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform, and managed to collect customer data effectively and drive AI-based insights from it. That was not the end; rather, it was the beginning of improved customer delivery and experience as Campari offered business-customer communication via various touchpoints such as email, social media platforms, live chat, and many more.

Leatherman also joined the league of highly operational businesses with the help of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The 37-year old market player of pocket tools and knives has a tough time catering to augmented D2C business needs as personalized service delivery was not up to the mark.

By leveraging the customer journey orchestration, they managed to proffer an impressive journey for their new customers. Also, they created multi-touchpoints for direct communication with the customers. By using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail in full swing, they managed to gain a 360-degree view of customer needs and deliver solutions accordingly.


They Have Done It. What is Stopping You?

Campari and Leatherman are just two out of many retail businesses that have reaped many benefits and managed to scale their businesses just after using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for retail. If you’re a player in this industry and haven’t deployed Microsoft Dynamics 365 yet, it’s high time to take action.

However, these actions shouldn’t be too erratic. To ensure fruitful and result-driven implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the retail industry, paying attention to retain factors is crucial.

  • Make sure you know your needs well and have a set-budget
  • Prepare a strategy that is well-aligned with your business needs
  • Be double sure that automation is implemented in the key domain and just as you required
  • Tools and technology used should be as per the team’s technical competency and enough training should be offered

All this seems too overwhelming. With the help of a skilled and seasoned Dynamics 365 developer, you’ll be able to outperform on all these fronts. C-Metric is Microsoft Silver application development partner and Microsoft Services and Consulting provider, renowned for offering quality solutions in the spear of Microsoft Technology.

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