The business activities post COVID 19 are different. The entrepreneurs are looking for a way to get into their usual business revenue making routine. Every business is looking for the big boom or the break that will lead them to the old flourishing business routine.

In order to get their clients and the customers back, one of the most feasible ways is developing a business application. This will also help to expand the business and to reach the maximum number of customers or target audience.

Taking the help of mobile technology for business growth is always prudent, as 75% of the world’s population owns a mobile phone, of that 86% are smart phone users.

When it comes to taking technology for the business growth, developing a mobile application is one of the most productive result yielding ways. Though the mobile application development is business friendly, the cost of developing a mobile application can be high.

Also, to grab the attention of all the targeted audiences, a business should have two native applications separately developed for iOS and Android platforms. However, the cost can be very high to develop two different applications. Finding an efficient mobile app developer will also play the major role in the success and to go budget friendly.

When you want to reach out to all the audiences and when you do not want to miss out on any business opportunity, every business should own both iOS and Android application, but developing both may be expensive. But, how to meet the need without spending for two different native applications? What’s the way out?

Yes, there is a way out to handle the need cost efficiently. It is developing a cross platform application!

Cross platform applications are cost efficient yet effective for the business growth and to reach out to the highest percentage of the target group.

Cross platform apps work on both iOS and Android platforms with a single code base. This will save you money and time. Though you have to compromise with the performance of the cross-platform apps, the cross platform applications built with Flutter have shown native-like performance.

Why is flutter better than other mobile app frameworks?

Well, there are a lot of factors that support the claim from the developers that Flutter is a better framework than others. Flutter is one of the developer friendly frameworks too. Flutter app development not only cuts the cost for the app owner, but also saves a lot of time for the developers.

A Statista survey reveals that, ‘Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile framework used by global developers, according to a 2021 developer survey. Based on the survey, 42 percent of software developers used Flutter. On the whole, roughly one third of mobile developers use cross-platform technologies or frameworks; the rest of mobile developers use native tools.’

Flutter framework was released by Google in 2017 and this kit is now a developers’ ally in developing scalable yet high performing cross-platform applications for businesses.

Within a few years of its initial release, Flutter has gained popularity among the developers for its unique quality of developing cross-platform applications for Android, Linux, iOS, Windows etc., with a single code base. It has been found that nearly 42% of developers globally used Flutter since 2021.

Flutter mobile app development is adorable!

The ease of coding it offers to the developers is incredible they explain, because of its one code base and ready-to-use widgets. In other words, this makes it even more convenient and provides much better performance as material design on Android and as Cupertino on iOS apps.

Why is Flutter startup-friendly?

Flutter development is very much helpful for the startup owners because, they do not need to hire different developers for iOS and Android Application development.

This helps them in cutting the costs of developing two different native applications, but a single cross platform application which is good in performance and acts like a native app on both the iOS and Android platforms. All that matters in this effort is hiring the best Flutter App Development team.

According to Google Q3 developer survey in the third quarter of 2021, around 92% of developers are positively satisfied to work with Flutter, and more than 53% – very satisfied.

The significance of using Flutter for Cross-platform app development for startup owners,

  1. You will own an application that performs like a native application on both the platforms. The application that will never compromise on the quality and performance.
  2. The cross platform application that provides native like experience with highly interactive yet highly expressive user interface.
  3. It reduces risks and speeds up the development process.
  4. A wonderful application that operates perfectly with a single code at both the back-end and front-end.
  5. When you try to develop an MVP for your app idea, and if you have budget constraint or to check your market performance, then Flutter app is the perfect choice.
  6. Since Flutter applications are quick to develop, and they have easy widgets for the development, the aspects reduces the time-to-market. And, project launch will be quick as planned during the initial stages.
  7. With Flutter you can target any app platforms and web to have your cross platform or hybrid app built, as per your audience or target analysis.


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When it comes to cross platform app development the top mobile application development companies in the US and the best mobility service providers in the world are choosing Flutter framework for crafting their solutions.

Flutter has been trusted by most of the big names. These companies believe that their performance will be better with Flutter for the users. And, they are doing that and they are successful.

No wonder that Flutter mobile app development has always been appreciated as an efficient solution for all the business app requirements, for the ease of development, for the cost-efficiency, for being risk free, for high performance, and most importantly for reduced time-to market.

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Flutter, within a short span of time in the industry Flutter has made its impact stronger and it has become an inevitable technology for the business app development. It is popular for its exclusivity and performance.

Entrepreneurs, in order to get an exclusive business application, find the right Flutter App development firm to take their intentions forward more productively.

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