The world of business through mobile applications is becoming more profitable and productive. And, most of the entrepreneurs are striving to build a great mobile application that will guide them towards a successful business augmentation.

According to a report, the global application outsourcing revenue is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2022-2027) of 4.66%, resulting in a market volume of US$145.70bn by 2027.

As a business, once you decide to go for mobile app development, the most important decision to make in the process is whether to choose outsource app development project or to build an in-house team to build the business mobile application.

Being in the software development industry since 1995, and developing mobile applications for successful business transformations for a number of years, C-Metric has the skill set to help you fulfil your outsource mobile application development project. This is because, when you outsource a dedicated team to develop the app, your business process will never lag, while the mobile application is getting its form by the team and your requirements are shaping up as an app according to your business interests by the experts.

When you decide outsource mobile app development to expert mobile app developers, make sure that you take care of all the points discussed in this article.

How to Find the Right Outsource Mobile App Development Company

First, when you contact the outsource mobile app development company for the first time or when you have found the right tech partner for your project online, discuss your requirements clearly and find whether they offer the services you need.

Second, check about your tech partner whether they have the relevant experience in building similar applications and learn about their experience in the IT industry. Their proficiency in handling the complex requirements is very important and always choose one of the top app development companies for business app development to avoid any disputes.

Third, when you research on their services, mobile application development, and website to learn more about their resources, projects, and communication processes, take note of the content and articles they publish. Their website content aspects, how frequent are they in publishing resourceful content, how relevant are the content for the services you require and are they useful to you.

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Fourth important aspect is the positive reviews and the client feedback the company has received. There are many public domains and review sites dedicated for IT service providers and particularly for top mobile app developers where you can search for the company and check the reviews. A good number of positive reviews is definitely a good sign to proceed with them!

Fifth, during the initial research about the outsource mobile app development company, make sure that you have a public or common channel to communicate with the team and the company. This channel should be a common path to contact the service provider and communicate with them frequently and transparently.

Seventh, more than anything that has been discussed, the outsource application development company should have a decent website with all the above discussed information displayed on the website. A website where you can find the service information and contact details/achievements/portfolios and remarkable projects/case studies are very important to understand them better.

Important steps and outsourcing specifications to keep an eye on

Outsourcing mobile app development project has been beneficial when you hire a qualified team to have your requirements fulfilled. When you choose outsource mobile application development, have a clear conversation with your team, check their communication, their specific mobile app development services, their availability for your time zone, and most importantly the hourly rate. Here are some of the aspects that you should never miss out on to have a streamlined mobile app development process.

Estimate and know your budget:

With the complexity of the application to be developed you can have your application categorized as a simple, a medium, or a complex application. Normally, a simple application with the basic features can be developed with a price range between $40000 -$60000, similarly an application idea with medium complexity of UI/UX designing and app features can be developed with the price range of $61000 – $120000. And, a feature rich mobile application with complex yet latest technology features can be developed with the price range starting from $120000. However, the costs will differ as per the industry requirements and services required. And, the budget range mentioned here are approximate values and it will be different for different business needs.

Most of the companies work for hourly rates and the hours needed to develop the application on estimating the complexity. Pick the one who matches with your budget and your estimated time to market.

Let them give you an outline for your app:

When you discuss your mobile application idea and when finish estimating your idea, ask the mobile application development company for a quick outline of your entire application so that you will have a model of your application and idea about the end product, app specification part, visual prototypes, design for Android and iOS platforms.

Even if the process of development is going to be agile and you can modify the app needs throughout the development cycle, having an outline in the beginning will give a clarification on how good are they in planning and executing the development and the team and the resource allotment for your project.

Examine your team:

Try to communicate with your team and try to understand their proficiency. You can also check their profiles online to understand their qualification and their achievements if any, their previous works and more about their experience.

Sign an NDA:

Check their compliance for signing an NDA or the Non-disclosure Agreement, as your unique app idea has to be secured till the launch of your application on the App/Play stores. You have to protect your intellectual property while protecting your money. As the owner of the app/ the app idea, it is important to sign an NDA and to check the app development agency’s compliance for NDA.

Set and establish business communication guidelines:

Set and share your communication guidelines with the team. Because, the team will be in contact with you throughout the app cycle and even beyond that for app maintenance and support. So, in order to have your app developed and maintained properly, appropriate communication guidelines to be set is important and the same has to be shared with your team and it should be maintained for a good rapport with the team.

Do not pay a large sum of money upfront:

Make your app development process and the payment process smooth and reasonable. If you have hired your team for hourly rates, make sure that it is paid as per your agreement and do not get ready to pay a large sum of money upfront from the beginning. Always set a streamlined payment cycle at the end of fixed hours or as per the development phases and pay accordingly. This will make the process healthy and hassle-free until the launch of the app and even after that to have a good relationship with your tech partner for app maintenance and support.

Closing text:

Mobile application development outsourcing is an important decision to make in the process of any business augmentation and every step of that needs to be taken with precaution to avoid wastage of money, time, project failure, dissatisfaction, stress, and all of that mentioned.

With higher customer retention rate and extensive experience in handling multiple complex projects cost-efficiently for years, C-Metric can offer you the best service by unifying your ideas through technology as a mobile application.

For all the complex mobile application development outsourcing requirements, contact C-Metric. For enquiries reach out to us on We are just an email away!

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