Trying hard, being regular with posts, still no traffic?
Well, this is a story with many small and new businesses that know the ‘dos’ but forget to browse through the ‘don’ts’ of Social Media Marketing. Social media marketing is no rocket science and can be handled pretty easily. Yet there are certain things which if not given due consideration often work against the business objectives.

Social Media Marketing

Consumers these days enter in flock to platforms like Facebook Twitter, and LinkedIn; thus marketers must know that in order to keep their clients engaged, relevant and influential marketing strategies must be set in place. Where some businesses touch peaks of success, others are still in the phase to figure out ways to leverage social and generate a personalized, relevant and pleasant experience for the users.

Brands which are socially awkward are sidelined in seconds of visit. On searching the reason, the primary cause which is shortlisted is that they miss out on building valuable relationships, or carry a long viral list of social media blunders. Social media can be used for promotional purpose but the social media approach must be quite elaborative.

Business set-ups don’t realize the major sins that are associated with social media marketing. These must to be avoided at all costs in order to win the audience attention, whilst keeping them interested and loyal.

Limit the Talks

Customers wish to know what a business can deliver instead of seeing how well they can talk. As a business using social media for promotion, visual content is a great catch over text what one is least interested to go through. The image links have double engagement rate than the posts which have just 140 characters. Lucky for many businesses, it is always easy to share visual content as a picture is worth a thousand words so, act accordingly on social platforms.

Irrelevant Tweets

It is a challenge to post relevant tweets, as staying on the point in this dynamic facing trend is not everyone’s cup of tea. Also, keep in mind that marketing these days is quite time-sensitive, so for a business it is better to be late than never.

Don’t go with the Same Strategy – All Social Platforms are different

Your social strategy must be different for different platforms. The rule of one size fits all does not apply to this game. The B2B audiences spend most of their time on LinkedIn, whereas B2C buyers remain logged on Facebook, to find prospective deals. Don’t waste your time and energy on following the customers on irrelevant platforms. Search for the places which can be best aligned with audience’s interests. Don’t hesitate from experimenting with type, cadence and style of content to click with the potential clients.

Customers Opinion does Matter

Don’t ignore what your customers have to say about your product or service. Today if a customer is not happy it can reach up to millions of other users, breaking the chain of future prospects. Serve them well to keep negative reviews to negligible.

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