What is Staff Augmentation?

In our previous blog post, we discussed Project Outsourcing and its benefits for your business. In continuation to that, here in this blog post; we will see what Staff Augmentation has to give to your business?

The Topic:

Moving towards another Delivery model- Staff Augmentation, one of the widely used prototypes for fulfilling IT projects with the assistance of experts.

Staff Augmentation:

In this project delivery model, companies can add staff to their teams depending on the skills required. Staff is hired by staff augmentation firm.

Some of the benefits of choosing this model are as follows:


a) Staff Control: Staff can be closely monitored. This is useful in projects where there’s a need to keep a check on the staff members and costs.

b) Ease with process integration: Staff augmentation resources can be easily aligned with existing business processes.

c) Easy availability of skills: Skilled employees are hired hence there’s little or no investment in the skill development process.

Advantages and Disadvantages go hand in hand. Disadvantages of this model are as follows:


a) Advanced Training may be required: Even though skilled employees are hired; advanced training may be required at some point of time while the project is going on.

b) Management Expenses: This can sometimes lead to increase in management overheads as their arises need to supervise staff augmentation resources.

c) Difficulty in the division: Staff Augmentation resources and employees of the company are to be differentiated and at a certain point of time, this becomes burdensome.

d) Resource-oriented:  Similar to project outsourcing, in this model also it is the responsibility of Staff Augmentation firm to deliver results. As a result, the firm has to hire high-quality resources however what it can do is just hire resources, not results. Results entirely depend on resources.

Considering both, you can see which model suits best to your business needs. If your firm has small projects; Staff Augmentation is ideal and in other cases, Project Outsourcing is suitable.

Hope our blog post has given you complete clarity about Staff Augmentation. If you have any further questions, do connect with us.

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