An innovative idea, check. Early investments, check. A dedicated team, check. Confidence and hard work, check. Tech partner, what is it?

If this is what you’re thinking as a startup, we regret to say that your doom day is approaching. Startup owners often forget to understand the role of technology in their success. Whether you own a flower shop or a small manufacturing unit, technology has many roles to play for your startup. You need it to grow, remain productive, and improve customer experience.

As technology isn’t easy to tame, you need someone who understands its nerve and will make it work for you. This is where a technology partner comes into the picture. If you’ve any doubts about the importance of a tech partner for a startup, read this post to understand it.

Tech Partner – What Does It Mean?

No matter what kind of startup you have, you need technology. You need an app for customers, teams, and service delivery.

Your technology dependency will be high if your startup is a technology product. Handling every technical requirement is impossible unless you’re a developer or technical professional.

A Tech partner could be a team of developers or individual developers who will take care of the technology-related requirements of your startup. This role exists in every kind of business. It’s just its scope varies as per the size of the business.

For enterprises or large-scale businesses, there would be domain-specific tech partners. One or two professionals are enough for this role for startups and small-scale businesses. Either way, this role is essential for businesses.

Why Have A Tech Partner As A Startup

For a startup, many things have to be in place to keep the show running. Having a tech partner is one of them. With the right kind of partner, startups can:

  • Get started from day one

Not every startup comes from the kitty of a technology entrepreneur who will have all the homework done beforehand. For non-technical entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of time and effort to get ready on the technology front. With a tech partner, such startup owners will have someone trusted and skilled to share the load with. Hence, getting started is easy and early.

  • A better understanding of visible and hidden requirements

For any startup to grow, having need-based solutions are essential. The tech partner will help you understand the technical needs of the startup and design a fitting solution. What kind of tools do you need, which app will work for you, and everything else will be well taken care of with the help of a tech partner.

  • Build a tech team

If you feel that you need a full-fledged team for your startup that can pass the infancy stage, take the help of a tech partner to decide what kinds of skills should be taken on board. S/he will help you find the right kind of talent with different domain expertise.

  • Have a defined budget

As a non-technical person, you won’t be able to find out how many investments should be made and in which direction. Inefficient use of funds is the first step toward failure. A tech partner who has a deeper understanding of your requirements, aims, and spending capacity will be able to guide you properly on this front.

  • Getting ready for future

Which startup wants to have stagnant growth? No one. As a business grows, required technical competency also expands. A tech partner will help you analyze the offered options, adopt them as per the need of the hour, and scale fast.

  • Perfect product by your side

If you’re dealing with a technical-based product, you can’t move ahead without the help of a tech partner. Building or developing a technology product requires an extensive understanding of using technology, which not everyone has.

With a tech partner, you can create MVP and prototypes again and again until you achieve perfection. When you’ve got a strong product by your side, no one can stop you from growing.

All these benefits can’t be overlooked and make one thing clear: if you need to grow as a startup, you need to have a technology partner for sure. Now, the next legit question is:

How To Find A Reliable Tech Partner?

Well, you have to keep all your senses awake for this opportunity. There are two ways to hire tech partner. You can either recruit a tech professional and give a substantial stake in the startup or outsource the services. Let’s talk about both these options.

  • Hiring a dedicated tech-partner

As a tech partner with this engagement model, you can hire full stack developers. You will have either to pay more-defined charges. The tech partner will take an active part in decision-making and will work in parallel with you and the other board of members.

This is great when you’ve got an entirely tech-based product or service as you would require technical assistance at every stage.

  • Outsourcing the technical assistance

When you don’t want to sell out your company’s stake and shares at the early stage and don’t have a full technical dependent product, you can outsource the tech partner. For startups, it’s actually a great choice to make as they have the best technical assistance at a reduced cost.

The best part of outsourcing tech partners is the great flexibility. You can add or delete the technical expertise as per the need of the hour. If you feel the need for a full-fledged technical team at any point in time, you can switch seamlessly as you avail of the service on a subscription. There are not many legalities involved in the process. So, this option is best in most cases.

No matter which option you choose, it’s important to check out the:

  • Skills you are getting and make sure they align well with your requirements
  • Price or cost involved in the deal you’re trying to close with the tech-partner
  • Transparency involved in the partnership
  • Experience and expertise earned by the tech-partner

Get a tech partner right now

Success only comes when you have the right development partner and team by your side. A tech partner is an essential team member to have for every startup. A tech partner will make the technology work for your good by providing you with the right kind of guidance. Without its help, a startup can’t expect flawless service delivery, satisfied customers, enhanced productivity, and achievable scalability.

For startups, outsourcing the tech expertise is the best choice to make as you will be able to enjoy the best of technology at a reduced cost. Skill usage will be entirely need-based. So, get a tech partner today and have a bright tomorrow.

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