When your small world of business and work routines become monotonous and when you are tired and your mind needs space to relax and explore something new, meet new people, experience new culture, try new food, and to escape into a fresh reality, you choose to travel.

Vacation is everyone’s favorite, but your stay and the hospitality service make your vacation happy and memorable for years to come.

When you plan for a trip, from booking your mode of transportation to the room you would like to stay, everything needs to be perfect. Every traveler expects a smooth and memorable experience to cherish for a lifetime.

COVID Norms and Travel and Hospitality Industry

When the Great Lockdown was announced due to COVID 19 norms, the first industry which got hit hard by the impact was Travel & Hospitality industry. They faced an irrevocable loss in all the areas of business at that time.

People couldn’t travel because of the travel restrictions and hotels were locked and everything was collapsed at the time. The aftermath of COVID 19 lockdown left the Travel and Hospitality industry with tough memories.

Now, countries are open for travelling, people can travel again, enjoy their vacation, they are free to go anywhere and they expect a safe travel and the best hospitality services.

The travelers and the whole world now are more technology friendly and everyone tries to find a solution for their problems through mobile phones. And, the Travel & Hospitality business owners are trying hard to relight the business and make up the financial damage the Great Lockdown has caused.

Going mobile friendly and tech friendly in their service offerings will be a wise decision for the businesses to attract more visitors and business. The Travel & Hospitality industry, in order to harness their business services and to get on track, have chosen to adopt digital technologies and to build mobility solutions.

Consulting best IT solutions providers and going tech-friendly has become important for the business growth and development in the recent years.

Why are the mobile applications important for the Travel & Hospitality businesses?

It is high time for the Travel & Hospitality service providers to revamp their services, make it more mobile friendly/device friendly, contactless, hygiene conscious, hassle-free, and smart for self-services. Travel apps and hotel apps are one of the most used applications and there are N number of travel and hotel apps and websites to serve the travelers and the travel enthusiasts.

We will discuss some of the most happening travel app and hotel app trends that are found to be more important in the Travel & Hospitality industry to keep the business growth in check.

Entrepreneurs who are looking to transform their travel agencies/hotel business and going tech/mobile friendly to attract more clients should always have clear objectives set before meeting the mobile app development experts.

Travel Apps & Enhanced Business Opportunities

When it comes to the travel sector, their key component is to gain customer engagement, create an easy booking experience, and a well-managed, highly digitized inventory system to track the details and offer personalized services for the clients. They have begun to take the Mobile First approach in their hands for better reach and to avoid business lag, after COVID 19.

A study by Mobile Marketing Reads revealed that Travel app downloads rose by 123% year-over-year and exceeded 24.7 million in May 2021.


Available for enquiries 24/7.

The travelers are no more inclined towards traditional travel agency set ups and travel agents to book their tickets to travel. They want to enquire about the trips, packages, travel costs, ticket booking details and make the payments online anytime in a day /night. It is impossible for the traditional set up to attend the clients, 24/7.

But, mobile applications help the agencies in getting business and enquiries any time. They don’t miss out on any enquiry when they own a mobility solution. It is also helpful for the users in booking the services more easily and more timely as per their convenience.

Building Personalized Offers.

With the help of customer data, customer behavior, travel details, and interests, the travel agencies, can suggest more personalized offers to the clients. They approach clients with the best travel packages and help them make good travel decisions while they save a lot on the travel. The travel agencies will also get sponsorship incomes for recommendations to the clients on hotels and other related services.

Enhanced experience and establishing connections.

The travel agencies now can keep in touch with the travelers throughout the journey on the app and they also establish a connection before and after the journey. The rapport they create with the travelers help them gain followers on social media platforms and guest recommendations and more business. They can now connect with clients worldwide, can expand their services to countries across the continents. The business travelers and the leisure travelers are the most in the target group to gain more business.

Instant payment options.

The travel apps help the agencies receiving the payments, even before the journey. While the instant payment systems, helping the travelers in confirming their services in prior, it also creates an income base and resource for the agencies to reform and expand their businesses.

The smart phone users are very much confident about the online payments as it is transparent and has a record well maintained. So, the instant payment integrations on travel apps create an approved income through advance travel bookings.

How are the hospitality services becoming smarter and comfortable with technology?

Travelling is one of the best ways to rejuvenate yourself for better mental and physical health. When you travel to new places you will certainly need a great hospitality service and the best hotel to stay and enjoy your trip. A well-kept and clean room, hygienic food, a beautiful view, unquestionable privacy, etc., to actually make the trip or travelling more memorable.

So, the hotel apps, are getting more intelligent and smart for the travel enthusiasts and app users. They are all set to give the best vacation experience to their guests after COVID 19.

IoT – Redefining Hotel experience with Smart Hospitality services

With the help of Internet of Things Technology, the hotels are setting up their smart rooms more attractively to deliver exceptional luxury and convenience to their guests.

Building IoT integrated self-service solutions for hotel guests, smart systems for easy checking in and checking out, smart light preferences to create beautiful ambience, contactless room service, and special room service applications, QR code menus, QR for booking special service, and more that makes the guests extend their stays.

They are also streamlining the traditional processes of making laundry, table reservations, appointments for spa and massages simpler with a few clicks on the mobile phones.

AI-powered Chatbots – on service 24/7

The hotels are providing 25% of their services through AI Chatbots that assist the guests 24/7 without any delay. Hence, the Hotel and Hospitality service providers are consulting leading AI technology experts to build AI enhanced Chatbots to assist the guests with all their requirements and queries. The Artificially Intelligent Chatbots make smart decisions, analyze and predict the situation and provide timely assistance to the guests and improve the rate of satisfied customers.

Geolocation based mobile app services

With the help of geolocation based mobile app features, the hotels are effortlessly guiding guests towards most of their services, like club, spas, restaurants, and most exhilarating places to visit. The geolocation based mobile application features provide the guests and a digital concierge to interact more effectively.

Room reservations through VR and AR

AR and VR technology integrations on the mobile applications help the guest to virtually tour their room before booking and make wise choices of services. This convenience is creating more business opportunities for the hotel owners and this is one  of the interesting features that travelers and guests like to have in the hotel app they prefer.

Closing text

It has been found that around 85% of international tourists use a mobile device during their travel and vacation, and 74% of the travelers are willing to use mobile application to book their ticket, rooms, and local guides.

They also use geolocation to find the right places to explore. And, more assistance through technology is what the travelers prefer.

Hence, the hoteliers and travel agents look for customized Travel & Hospitality mobile app/IT solutions and digital transformation of the whole systems. Cloud integration & migration, IoT, AI, Chatbots, and build digital capabilities to offer a great travel experience are the major objectives of the business owners.

C-Metric, with 26 years of experience in building technical solutions, have worked with many Travel and Hospitality service providers in technically revamping their businesses. Our Travel and Hotel apps are among the most liked apps by the travelers and guests.

If you have a wonderful travel app or hotel app development idea, contact C-Metric, as we will help you in defining your business goals through technology more effectively. For enquiries contact us at info@c-metric.com or call us on +1 (856) 482-7700.

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