Angular, one of the most used open-source frameworks and the platform for web building, has grabbed the attention of the developers recently, as the new version of Angular, Angular v15 has been released by the team Google.

The framework has been used by most of the businesses for its flexibility, robust features, and scalable nature. The startups and SMEs which are looking to develop a quick single page application, always have Angular in mind as it is cost-efficient and effective as well.

Being one of the most preferred and relied web frameworks, any announcement from Google on Angular gains attention among the technical community. Minko Gechev, a Google engineer who works on Angular, announced the new Angular features and updates recently and the announcement made the developers keen to use the framework more.

What are the important features that interested the developers worldwide? Let’s have a quick look!

Interesting Feature & Updates on Angular v15

Applications with Angular can be built or written in HTML and TypeScript. It is a free, open-source web development framework. With previous versions, applications in Angular are built into components that are organized into NgModules for features and functionality building. This has been treated as a big inconvenience with Angular.

Now, with Angular Version 15 release, there are many attractive updates and features that are drawing the attention of the developers, tech enthusiasts, and the renowned Full stack service providers to have a quick introduction about the new Angular version 15.

What's new in Angular 15

Stable Standalone Components API

Angular Version 14 had the standalone components API, however which wasn’t stable and this feature update had almost eliminated the Ngmodules. In this Angular v15, with Stable Standalone component, the developers can bootstrap the app with ease. The Ngmodules had been a burden for app building in the previous versions and the latest Angular version15 has completely stabilized the process of building components without Ngmodules.

Angular No longer supports Node JS

The latest version Angular  will no longer support any versions of Node JS older than 14. Therefore, the Relative Link Resolution cannot be configured, as the older typescript versions will also be void and will not be supported by Angular v15.

Newer Image Directives

Any application will be more attractive and found to be user friendly when the images load faster and comply with the UI and all the vital image measurements and the resolutions are opened for the viewers/user’s vision clearly. With Angular 15 the image directives are very collaborative and it supports high speed image loading to add the user experience and in revenue making through the satisfied users.

Reusing of UI logic

With Angular version15, the developers can reuse the UI components. The app industry knows how important is UI design for any application and how logically the UI designs and the UI components are built for any application. With the new version of Angular the developers can reuse the UI logic at any point of development and can add the UI logic throughout the development process.

This saves a lot of time, simplifies the process of developing, and the developers need not compose the code every time and they have been given a new path to compose UI logic. The Reuse of UI logic feature is one of the most praised features in Angular v15.

Dependency Injection – Angular Development tool

This tool adds to the easy app development as the dependency injection helps the developers in easing the programming languages and they can save time in learning and correlating. Since other objects are made dependent or correlated of each other’s ability, it makes the job of the developer easier. This is one of the most welcomed features in Angular v15.

Improved Stack traces for easy debugging

Without facing any hard time in finding and tracing the stack or the complex code to track any bug, in Angular 15 with the improved debugging feature, the engineers can easily find and fix bugs. The Google Chrome now provides stack traces which show more code. Thus, Angular version 15 will maintain cleaner stack traces and makes debugging easier and effective for bug finding and fixing through improved Zone.js.

Lazy loading streamlining

During lazy loading, in Angular route, when the non-critical resources/the components/child are loaded on the page, the developers need to select the elements and resources before. But, with Angular version 15 the lazy loading method is simplified and the developers need not to select the non-critical resources one after another during the lazy loading process.

The improved version has streamlined this process and what is required will be loaded on its own during the lazy loading process. This simplifies the work of developers and their efforts.

Stable material design components

At the request of material design reuse essential in the Angular for years by the developers, with the Angular v15 release, the developers can reuse the material design and this will be helpful in building components. This has improved the MDC accessibility. This feature will make the apps with Angular framework livelier and the development process easier for the developers.

Summing up

With the arrival of Angular version 15, the developers can now build applications that have more stable components and with rich features, and attractive performance. The UI and UX components of the apps built with Angular will be more interactive and the business that needs apps with appealing image components and content can go for Angular framework. The refactored MDC will save time & efforts of the developers.

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