Internet of Things (IoT)

The technology and devices today connect millions of people together in the world. The companies looking forward to high quality innovations are adopting the internet of things as strategy to build better services to their customer. C-Metric partners with its clients to provide them IoT solutions and development services to create new business models and revenue generating strategies.

By deploying our customized IoT solutions in your business, you can automatically manage your operations as an end-to-end solution. We ensure total automation in case of device-to-device interaction.

Our IoT Solutions are Suitable for Multiple Industry Verticals


Real time fleet management to smart driving. An automotive industry can utilize the great technology advancement offered by IoT.

Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing industry is going through a quick phase of revolutions, and in the near future sensors will be used to transfer every bite of information.


IoT is already changing the landscape of education institutes where most of the cumbersome daily processes are automated.

Wearables and Telehealth Devices

Get customized and secure IoT Wearable and Telehealth Solutions as per your requirements, specifically engineered by focusing to your business domain.

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