Digital Transformation, the new normal in the business world. The entrepreneurs look to digitally transform business for various reasons, to improve proficiency and to achieve greater sales, but adapting to the digital business culture is important for any business owner as the customers are going more digital in their everyday activities. There are N number of digital technologies that are making the lives more interesting and easier. Similarly, business organizations and businesses can streamline their operations and trade activities through the latest technologies, also it should be noted that no two businesses are same. So, it is mandatory for the entrepreneurs to rethink, research and analyse their need to digital transformation endeavours.

The transformation can be for any reason, it can be to scale sales, to improve proficiency, increase efficiency, secured operations, etc., but it should never be done as a competition in the market or a copy of a competitor. In the recent times, it has been found that without a proper intent and a proper issue to achieve through digital transformation, the companies are wasting time and money.

In your journey to attain an exceptional digital transformation, make sure you are not misguided by the industry hypes and over rated technical requirements, because every business is different and the requirements as well, the result a technology has offered for your opponent’s business development may fail you utterly. So, it is advisable to read the business gaps, learn about the needs and understand the specific technology and address the pain point to improve efficiency. To substantiate the statement, a research has found that businesses have wasted over $400 billion a year simply on misguided digital transformation efforts.

Why is the Digital Transformation booming?

The IT world believes that the pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation. Many enterprises go for digital transformation in order to reduce labour and man hours as the uncertain pandemic situation has proved that the human resources cannot be engaged in the operations 24/7, but the intelligent machines can be on duty round the clock and take up risky tasks.

On the other hand, the start-ups are worried as the customer requirements are soaring high with the advancing technologies and highly innovating features. The competition is high in the market unlike before. The customers have more offers like never before and they can always find the best option. Even the larger scale businesses are running out of projects and the SMEs struggle fearing about being left without any market opportunity.

The foremost cause of the disrupting Digital Transformation culture is to strengthen the data asset, to engage with the prospects, to match with the market trends, reduce delivery cycle, harnessing the network security, to have a better format for business and process automation and above all for the intensification growth and sales robustly.

When you have the right reason to adapt to digital transformation and empower your business with technology integration, choose to outsource. Because, it comes with more advantages!

Though you have an in-house technical team engaged with your important business projects, for security reasons you may choose to employ your existing teams for your digital transformation. But, it has been proven that outsourcing your digital transformation venture is more fruitful and productive, time saving, and cost-efficient than involving your in-house team into it.

Why is outsourcing Digital Transformation highly recommended?

It comes with rich expertise and extensive experience

When you give your project to a reliable digital transformation outsourcing company, they always come with an exclusive experience and expertise unlike the in-house team which you train for this purpose in short notice. Through their dedicated servicing in the industry, they will always have an idea on how to take you the success point in the process with the help of a workable strategy. When the process has been planned and outsourced, your in-house team can always concentrate on core business area and your in-house technical resources can dedicate their hours into your client projects.

Handle the risks meticulously

When the digital transformation venture has been outsourced, you will not face any risk or lag in the process, as the company will dedicatedly be working on the transformation. There will not be any risk of latency or derailing purposes as you have made sure that a reputed firm is working with strategy. And, your transformation endeavour will not halt in the middle as you have outsourced a dedicated team to handle risks meticulously. However, the in-house teams that work in your transformation with trial & error methods may put your system/data at risk sometimes.

Get new technical capabilities added to your system

You will have an additional capability while you were still signing projects. For instance, you have automated your customer communication process, and it can work 24/7 in place of two employees spending 8 man hours every day. Your addition to the system will pave way for new offers and you can promote it as your business quotient to the prospects and cross sell your integration for new business opportunities. It is also cost-efficient and time saving at the same time.

It comes with team flexibility and scalability

The outsourced team will work flexibly dedicating their efforts in the long run to address your automation and transformational needs with futuristic integrations to improve the scalability factor.  This will offer you an opportunity to upgrade your system to match the advancing technological arrivals in your business sector. Because, a well devised Digital Transformation Strategy of any expert team will always address upcoming technical needs and scalability factors. This way your business opportunities will also improve while your system has been digitalized.

It offers better equipment and security

With a dedicated team for your digital transformation, you will always have data security and stay better equipped to carry out the tasks with efficacy. They will always integrate a specific yet secured storage system to secure the business and client data and confidentiality.  The companies will work separately on the security with advanced features better than an in-house security efforts. A complete business and digital transformation always comes with an extraordinary security to avoid any breach.

Closing text

Every business doesn’t require a digital transformation in all the areas of the system they own. Find where you are struggling with the entire process of revenue making and enhance the process with technical implementation by outsourcing.

A recent study revealed that over $900 billion has been wasted on digital transformation every year by the companies worldwide. And, over 70% of the companies have been in the venture of digitally transforming their businesses for various reasons.

In this most competitive business enforcement era, it’s always wise to stay ahead in technical implementations by fortifying your system with right technology integration and business acceleration aspects.

In order to harness your business future rightly with the necessary digital transformational aspects, it is important to hold the hands of a technical partner who is capable of addressing all the pullbacks in the system with futuristic technical implications. Just like C-Metric, a reliable Digital transformation Service provider with 26 years of experience in offering business value to the clients in need. C-Metric has proven excellence in offering high-end business automation solutions and industry-specific elements that goes with the trend.

To explore the right digital transformation strategy for your business augmentation and process automation, contact C-Metric on, we are just an email away!

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