Learning is a never ending process and knowledge is power and everlasting. Education is important in one’s life and it is important for healthy growth. During the COVID 19 crises, the education was only possible through online classes and through mobile applications. This unprecedented situation showed the world how real, instrumental, and valuable are the e-learning, mobile applications and the versatility of the online education.

The coaching centers, educational institutions, and schools have started learning app development to offer classes and coaching sessions online. The online classes are one of the new normal practices after 2020. And, every learner or a student knows that they can get their coaching online to learn. The online exams are also one of the important advancements in the education sector.

There are apps that assess the exams given and score the student accordingly and evaluate their eligibility to enroll in higher education. So, it is clear that we have a bright future of online education, Educational applications, educational app development services, and Edtech. Day by day the e-learners or the people who learn through e learning applications and online modules are increasing, while the e-learning apps are setting trends and revolutionizing the educational sectors. The number of e-learning apps, best Edtech companies, and the requirements for e-learning app development are also increasing every day.

According to Statista, ‘by the end of the year 2022, the e-learning market will surpass a global estimate of $243 billion and by 2026, the global e-learning market is forecast to reach almost 400 billion U.S. dollars.’

Why is e-learning preferred and what are the types of e-learning apps?

When it comes to e-learning, the educational purposes and the participants in the coaching session and the students will differ. The institutions will have different scope of the applications they would like to develop. The education app development and Edtech have become popular during COVID 19 and it is still predominant, as many institutions have made the apps their prime source of coaching.

As the online education market is growing and the e-learning methods are welcomed by the students, they also expect the personalized coaching experience. And, the students’ expectations and learning capacities differ and not all the online coaching sessions and e-learning methods will fit into all the educational intentions. So, institutions, before approaching an expert e-learning application developers, must have an understanding about the students’ ability and knowledge technical capability, cognitive power, age group, the students’ learning potential, and should have a clear scope. It not only applies to the institutions but also to the corporations and companies that develop e-learning apps for business purposes.

The corporates and companies are also creating apps for business-specific demonstrations and employee coaching purposes. There are many types of e-learning apps and education mobile app development they are created for different purposes, here are a few major types,

Classroom Apps

These e-learning apps and are developed as an extension of teaching sessions and as an online medium to teach students.  Through these applications the LIVE class sessions can be conducted and the students can join online to attend the sessions and learn. They can also make use of the recorded sessions for analysis and evaluation. A study proved that the educational applications are making students more active and interactive.

Reference Apps

The reference e-learning applications are developed as resources of information sharing and are developed as a source to gain knowledge and information. These are apps the students can explore to enhance and expand their knowledge, and get more details/ research results/theories/scientific evidence/historical references/people, the example app is Wikipedia.

Industry Specific apps

The industry specific e-learning applications are created for the purpose of educating people from a particular industry, software development, media, medical, travel and hospitality, logistics management, etc. as per their cognizance, capability, and qualification.

Teaching tool Apps

These applications are developed with the purpose of extra material or supportive app to improve effective coaching and learning methods for the students. The teaching aids are usually gamification methods of teaching that help the students in understanding the courses and the subjects better with effective demonstrations.

Gamification of Learning: Not all the learning materials and systems are right for all the students as their capability to understand and ability to learn is different, but teaching them the subjects through videos, colorful pictures, and game based steps makes them pick up the things very well.

This has been done through gamification of learning materials. This method has been followed by the institutions to help their students in understanding the complex processes and subjects with ease.

Course-specific platforms

The course specific e-learning applications/platforms are developed for a particular course like, language training and assessment, term based coaching of particular syllabus/subjects/ and coaching programs for a certain training that offers certificates. The example applications are IELTS coaching apps.

Platforms for student assessment

These are the applications developed for the purpose of assessment where the automated systems will conduct examinations, assess students’ performance, offer scores, and send the results to the students and parents.

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E-learning and the Innovative Technologies in Edtech

The Edtech app development and trends are evolving with some of the revolutionary technologies to match with the growing interest among the students and the institutions. The apps can be developed with the integration of innovative technologies as per the need and the requirement of the subject. There are different types of apps and technologies that make the e-learning apps more refined and interesting for the students, and resourceful for the institutions/academicians.

When it comes to e-learning applications video content is mostly accessed and the video LIVE streaming is one of the main purposes of developing e-learning applications. There is some exclusive yet high end e-learning application development that integrates certain technologies to make the process of learning more impressive.

Here we have discussed a few to help the institutions in developing feature rich e-learning applications that help instructors and learners in a better way.

Academic Chatbots

The academic Chatbots are the allies of the millennial students. They take the help of chatbots for most of their subjective and objective needs in learning and to educate themselves. When it comes to higher education and e-learning applications, the academic Chatbots are helping the students and learners in understanding difficult topics and assisting them anytime with the notes and the study materials and the details to clear subject related queries.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning In Academics

Integration of AI technology in e-learning is an astounding innovation because Artificial Intelligence can identify the students who are struggling to understand and can offer a personalized teaching experience to the students. It does the job of a teacher by learning the ability of the students individually and coaches with efficiency. There is an advancement where AI can recognize voices, their pronunciation and teaches as per their feedback.

Ml technology helps the teachers in analyzing the performance of the students. The analytics of Machine Learning Technology have been used by the institutions/academicians to help the students in understanding the students and their performance better when they assess their answers. Machine Learning helps the students in getting quick feedback and offers personalized learning experience. AI, ML Integration are not just like a Chatbot but they enhance the learning capability of the students and motivates them.

The stats show that the global machine learning market is expected to grow at 42.08% CAGR from 2014 to 2024.

Learning And Development Chatbots

There are mentors and tutor bots that are streamlining the learning process by understanding the students and the learners before they begin their course. These bots help is assessing the students’ basic knowledge about the course and the subject through a questionnaire/test and mentor them to pick the right type of coaching and guide them in applying for the right course.

AR/VR and Wearables

The most amazing Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technologies are offering the students an exceptional immersive world of studying. The caliber of these technologies in teaching the students is unimaginable, as the students can actually experience what they are learning in an illusionary circumstance created around them with the help of tech. These reality/immersive technologies are getting deeper in helping the students to understand the subjects more clearly, especially for learning science and technology. The e-learning wearable devices are creating a new era in learning at every touch of the students and the instructors on the special devices and apps. These help the students to grasp the idea with precision and gaining knowledge with clarity, as every piece of study content is creative and interesting for the brain to process.

To state it simply, the future students will experience what they are learning in the classrooms, while the traditional methods taught the subjects with obscurity through books, experiments, lab demonstrations, and readable sources.

Closing text

As an institution/academician when you try to develop an application for your expansion and for the growth of the students, understand your requirements and find the right Edtech partner to carry out the technical procedures and app building more meticulously. Creating an educational app is not another app creation, it has to be done by professionals and qualified team of creators and developers who have rich creative knowledge.

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