WordPress is one of the most prominent and popular Content Management Systems (CMS)

widely used around the world to build powerful, search engine-friendly and scalable applications. WordPress has delivered user-friendly solutions with almost no coding, being a widely adopted and feature-rich CMS.

WordPress framework holds the abilities, functions, and features that can power everything from a one-page website to a large-scale enterprise app with feature-rich and functional apps. It offers a unique set of perks to create various web and mobile apps.

When it comes to choosing the CMS, WordPress stands at the top, beating all other alternatives, with leading factors such as security, scalability, performance, robustness, and flexibility.

Being popular in nature, it’s really convenient to hire skilled and professional WordPress developers, but if you are wondering how to hire WordPress developer in 2022, here’s a detailed guide. In this blog post, we will be discussing the skills, benefits, and costs of hiring WordPress developers.

A quick look at a detailed comparison of wordpress with its alternative CMS in the industry:


Why Are WordPress Developers Still in Demand?

Being the most popular CMS, WordPress holds 60.4% of the market share. Yes, 33.5% of online websites are developed with WordPress. It is a huge number! And many popular brands around the globe use WordPress for their business websites.

WordPress is very easy to use and attracts users with its features and functionality. It is open-source software, and you can download it from WordPress.org. To start with a business website based on WordPress, you need to buy the domain and WordPress hosting.

So, the demand for WordPress is the main reason behind the demands of WordPress developers!

Have a look at this statistic!

Market Share: 60.4%

Total Live Sites: 24,808,989+

Number of Sites in Top 1 Million: 318,828

Top 3 Countries with the Most Sites: United States, United Kingdom, Russia

Most Popular Sites: The New Yorker, The Official Star Wars Blog, TechCrunch, Microsoft News Center, Beyonce,

One of the reasons behind the high demand for WordPress developers is, they are very hard to replace. Good developers have a strong knowledge of the WordPress core and can build custom designs and plugins from scratch. Also, experienced WordPress developers understand SEO, security optimization, server management, etc.

We can see in the statistics that big companies and corporations are using WordPress, and they do need the experience and experts WordPress Developers in their working team. That’s the reason WordPress developers are still in demand.

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Hire WordPress Developer Now:

When to Hire WordPress Developer?

  • If you want to install the ready-made themes using simple plugins, it requires tech-stack expertise. But, if you want to build a website from scratch, it requires in-depth knowledge of the app development expertise. WordPress CMS is handy to build almost any type of application. So hiring dedicated WordPress developer makes sense here.
  • In another scenario where you can definitely hire WordPress developer, when you want to revamp your website based on your user needs, you need a developer with thorough knowledge and understanding of the current market scenario, potential customer behavior, top-notch-coding skills, knowledge of plugins, to get the most out of your platform. With WordPress, it is really convenient to build content-based responsive websites.


Did you know that WordPress is running 29% of the internet at present?

Benefits of Hiring WordPress Development Company Over Freelancer

  • WordPress development companies have a sense of responsibility and will take time to understand the uniqueness of your business rather than a freelancer.
  • WordPress development company provides a team with varied expertise. The company also lets you have a daily standup to brainstorm project progress, discuss further updates, and communicate with the hired resources to discuss more possibilities. This will not be possible when you hire a freelance WordPress developer.
  • Security is one of the important concerns while selecting WordPress development company over a freelancer. Before assigning resources to your project, the organization signs NDA for the confidentiality of your data and idea, which may not be so secure with freelancer developers.

Suppose there’s an unexpected bug on your live app. In that case, you can easily reach out to the WordPress development company to resolve the issue compared to a freelancer who may be here today but moves on to another project tomorrow once your project is finished. So reliability and prompt availability is also an issue with the freelancers.

Moreover, the WordPress development company can save a lot of time and save lots of expenses for the company by providing you project estimates, progress reports, and complete control; you will get multiple expertise in one developer. The team dedicated by the WordPress development company is easy to manage and has wider skills than a freelancer.

Skill to Look Into Before Hiring WordPress Developer:

Once you are convinced to hire WordPress developer to build your website or enhance your online presence, you need to check the right WordPress development company with the track record of building feature-rich enterprise-grade apps. Here is the list of some technical and soft skills that are very important to consider.

  • Must have knowledge and skill of the infrastructure of WordPress core.
  • Should have enough knowledge about the concept and techniques of CSS.
  • Should have intermediate-level of PHP knowledge.
  • Should have a basic understanding of SQL to create the query on a database.
  • CSS and HTML – Make sure the WordPress developers have HTML and CSS expertise.
  • JavaScript – Must have the basic knowledge of JavaScript to develop the interactive elements in the website.
  • Sales and marketing skills – WordPress development company needs to understand sales and marketing functions to make your business successful.
  • Should have a basic understanding of SEO to become the best asset for the organization.
  • Last but not least, the team can do critical thinking and have the problem-solving ability.

Other than these, please keep in mind the WordPress developer you are planning to hire is willingly ready to take new challenges and learn about your business. Make sure the hired resource is a team player and motivated enough to understand and follow your business processes.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire WordPress Developer?

The cost of hiring WordPress developer depends on various factors, including the type of website development, skills you require, the project’s complexity, the experience of WordPress developer, technical expertise, and duration of the project.

The cost of hiring freelance WordPress developer can be as low as $15/hour to as high as $300/hour. However, WordPress development companies like C-Metric can offer you a tiered rate and blended rate where you don’t have to settle for low skills to fit your budget.


So, we are at the end of everything you need to know and have knowledge of – before you Hire WordPress developer 2022. I hope the points I covered above will help you decide how to hire the most optimum team for your WordPress development needs.

We advise you to contact industry-leading experts for your WordPress development requirement. If you are looking for such WordPress developers for your project, get in touch with us today and we will provide you with advanced expertise and knowledge. We have top-notch WordPress developers providing high-quality services to our clients worldwide. For more, please visit our website or send an email to info@c-metric.com.


  • What makes a good WordPress developer?

A good WordPress developer has sound knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, GIT, and more. However, WordPress developers also has in-depth knowledge and skillful expertise of WordPress Core, WordPress Hooks, Filters, Woo Commerce, Cart Handling, XHR request handling, removal of duplicate requests, and troubleshooting content issues..

  • What quick checklist should I consider before hiring dedicated WordPress developers for my project?

Here’s the quick list,

  1. Make sure to check their relevant experience
  2. Evaluate their development expertise
  3. If required, conduct an interview
  4. Check flexibility and work approach
  • Why should I hire WordPress developer from C-Metric?

C-Metric is a leading software outsourcing company with 26+ years of remarkable experience in serving clients’ of all the shapes and sizes that includes startups, SMEs, and fortune 500 clients. We can be your one-stop solution to hire talented WordPress and certified WooCommerce developers. Our WordPress developers are well-versed with WordPress integration, WordPress Optimization, WordPress Widget Integration, WordPress Custom Theme and plugin creation, migration, deployment, and support.

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