Mr. Iyer, founder of a well-known IT firm is in constant need of ways to increase business and get IT projects completed on time. Currently, his company is doing well, however, there’s long way to reach his company goals. In order to successfully achieve the targets, he’s in need of virtuous human resources.

The question here is “How would I get the people I need?” Budget is yet another important point to keep in mind. Thinking about these two things, the only possible ways are Staff Augmentation and Project Outsourcing.

Both can provide quality people to work on the projects and get them achieved within a given time frame. However, sometimes the question is “Which one to choose?” Similar to Mr. Iyer, there are many IT firm owners who might be looking for a dedicated team that can help them to complete their projects on time and within budget.

Keeping this question in mind, we decided to write this blog to help business owners make informed decisions.  At C-Metric, we prefer Project Outsourcing as the most efficient way for completing projects on time.

Why we do so, is explained in this blog post. This post is divided into two parts, the first one features “Project Outsourcing” and another part features “Staff Augmentation”.

Project Outsourcing

Project outsourcing

Project Outsourcing is a delivery model through which IT firms can effortlessly finish their projects by employing the resources of another firm. Here, particular tasks can be outsourced to a team that is managed by the outsourcing firm.

This allows IT firms to be benefitted from external expertise, cost management and risk moderation. As a result, firms can concentrate on their operations without any worries. Advantages of adopting this delivery model are as follows:

Project Outsourcing – Advantages

a) Less Training & Development Costs: When outsourcing, the outsourcer firm has to look after training and development.

b) Industry Best Practices: It is the responsibility of the outsourcer firm to follow best industry practices and their investment in improving these practices will aid in the completion of projects within given time frame.

c) Result oriented: Rendering the discussed results is the sole responsibility of the outsourcer.

d) Fulfils lack of internal capabilities:  At times, IT firms may not have all the required capabilities to accomplish any project and this requirement can successfully be fulfilled by outsourcing firms.

Project Outsourcing; Some concerns or drawbacks companies have

a) No Control: Outsourcing any IT project will take away all project control from you. All processes will then be managed by the outsourcer.

b) Difficulty in Project integration: At times, it may be difficult to get aligned with complex and unique internal processes.

c) Project Duration:  In this model, long-term ongoing IT projects are preferred the most as small duration ones are less cost-effective.

Considering its advantages and disadvantages, we believe that Project outsourcing is best to get your projects fulfilled within stipulated guidelines and time frame. At C- Metric, we have achieved success in delivering many types of IT projects on time, within budget and with required deliverable quality.

Here’s what our client has to say about our Project Outsourcing services. In this case, we had done software development including suggestions from the client.

Sid Dhanoa, Director, Information Systems New York Racing Association

“Their staff was very pleasant and they respond to every request. We found their prices to be very good and competitive and their attitudes to be very positive. When it comes to their software development capabilities, they certainly know what they are doing. We gave them some guidelines and they furnished us with a lot of suggestions beyond what we had.”

Coming up is our next blog post which features the pros and cons of Staff Augmentation…. We are available to help you reach your key goals in a number of areas, such as Mobile App Development, Software Development and more.

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