In today’s dynamic business landscape, organizations face mounting pressure to optimize their supply chain operations for enhanced efficiency, agility, and customer satisfaction. Without a streamlined supply chain system, touching new highs is not possible. How about transforming the supply chain using Dynamics 365?

Organizations can unlock a new level of dynamics 365 for supply chain management, efficiency and responsiveness by integrating intelligent Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management module, harnessing artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics, integrating IoT devices, and enabling seamless collaboration. So, let’s get started.

With this post, you have a chance to learn about the transformative power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and its weighty role in revolutionizing supply chain management.

The Epic Supply Chain Struggle

No matter how strong your business strategies are, challenges exist when things happen in the real world. Playing smart and ditching traditional supply chain management practices is important in times of dire supply chain mismanagement issues that the world is currently dealing with.

The supply chain is the backbone of most businesses that need it to be fully streamlined. However, the reality is different.

  • As of 2020, the estimated value for out-of-stock items was $1.14 trillion.
  • Nearly 12% of retailers have reported severe supply chain disruptions because of the pandemic.
  • 28% of respondents reported shortages and struggled to maintain stocks amid the pandemic.
  • Supply chain disruptions are on the rise. From 2019 to 2020, incidences of these issues have increased by 14%.
  • 70% of companies believe that supply chains are key in enhancing the overall customer experience.

Businesses of all sizes and shapes are dealing with these and many more supply chain disruptions .

Microsoft Dynamics 365- Offering Viable Solutions For Supply Chain Troubles

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the world’s most famous and result-driven ERP system making businesses automated, streamlined, skilled, and highly efficient. The system is designed diligently to offer something for almost all kinds of crucial workflows.

You have Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management module to effectively manage the supply chain. It is a highly advanced module within the Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite of business applications that focuses on optimizing and managing various aspects of the supply chain. It is designed to help organizations effectively plan, execute, and control their end-to-end supply chain operations.

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Some of the key offerings of Dynamics 365 supply chain management are:

  • Inventory management is great to track and manage inventory across multiple locations. It’s great to optimize inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and ensure the timely availability of products.
  • Demand forecasting and planning involve analyzing historical data, market trends, and other relevant factors so that organizations can generate accurate demand forecasts and align their production, procurement, and inventory strategies accordingly.
  • Production control to efficiently plan and manage their production processes.
  • Procurement and sourcing help organizations manage supplier relationships, negotiate contracts, and track supplier performance.
  • Warehouse management supports activities such as inbound and outbound logistics, bin, and location management, wave picking, packing, and shipping.
  • Transportation management is great for transportation planning, routing, and execution.
  • Analytics and reporting are useful for gaining insights into their supply chain performance, identifying bottlenecks, and making data-driven decisions.


Ways To Empowering Supply Chain Using Dynamics 365

Just keep your wits with us, let your sense work in full swing, and get familiar with the offerings of Microsoft Dynamics 365, and you will find yourself relishing one of the finest and fully-managed supply chain networks.

This is how you can use the capabilities of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 supply chain management platform to optimize and automate various supply chain processes.

Identify the troublemakers

None of the remedial efforts will pay off well unless you fix the root cause. For instance, you won’t be able to accelerate the delivery of a specific product if you have no insights into its current position in the supply chain.

You can use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to fully scan the existing supply chain and find out where the real problem exists. You can automate the optimization of the supply chain network, get detailed insights on any of the workflow, and even create informative reports.

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Have an advanced tool for every workflow

Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers a fully automated set of tools and capabilities that you can use to empower the existing supply chain network. For instance, if you’re having a tough time managing the inventories and dealing with stockouts, excess inventory, and increased holding costs, use Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management module and gain real-time visibility into inventory levels, locations, and movements across the supply chain, predict future demand patterns accurately, and generate purchase orders, production orders, or transfer orders automatically.

Similarly, it can help automate and optimize forecasting, procurement, production planning, and many more key workflows.

Have access to quality data

Becoming data-rich is easy with Dynamics 365 as it can join hands with other crucial systems like ERP, CRM, and WMS to provide you with real-time and fully synchronized data so that you can have a holistic view of your supply chain and make informed decisions.

Let AI and analytics help you out

Artificial Intelligence [AI] and analytics are two of many advanced technologies that businesses need to perform outstandingly. Gladly, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain module brings both of these to your disposal.

Their help makes learning about demand, optimizing inventory levels, and improving production planning easy. With them on board, errors are less likely to happen, and workflows are more managed.

The Road To Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management Is Bumpy

Implementing the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management module can bring several benefits to businesses, but it also comes with its own challenges. For instances:

  • Data migration is tedious, and businesses must mainta data accuracy, completeness, and compatibility throughout the process.
  • Every organization has unique supply chain processes and requirements. Configuring Dynamics 365 to meet specific business needs may require customization and development work.
  • Process reengineering is a long process demanding reevaluating and redesigning existing supply chain processes to align with the capabilities and best practices of the system.

All these challenges can impede your success journey. This is when a skilled partner, who knows how to improve your Supply Chain Using Dynamics 365, comes to your rescue.

C-Metric is a certified Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner that businesses can bank upon to ensure that the implementation of this tool is in accordance with business needs and in a manner that delivers desired outcomes.

With its years-long experience and a team of seasoned Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, C-Metric promises result-driven Dynamics 365 implementation.

Final Say

A business can never continue with hindered supply chain processes. Its automation, end-to-end optimization, and customization are important. Managing your supply chain using Dynamics 365 is a great idea here. Connect with us to work with our Microsoft Dynamics 365 professionals to build a smart and resilient supply chain that supports responsive operations and provides real-time intelligence into supply chain transactions. Ready to transform your business with Microsoft? Contact us today for personalized Microsoft Services and Consulting tailored to your needs.

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