Windows Azure or now known as Microsoft Azure is an open cloud platform that allows you to build, deploy, and manage applications quickly by means of a global network of the data centers managed by Microsoft. Interestingly, there are numerous cloud platforms by different vendors, such as Google, IBM, and Amazon. But, still Windows Azure just might be the best choice. Let’s discover why.

1. Windows familiarity

Azure is based on Windows, which means you can utilize Windows programming languages, such as C++, Visual Basic, and C# to write applications. In addition, you can utilize familiar tools like Visual Studio and ASP.NET. This enables organizations to find developers with pre-accomplished skills to create applications on Azure cloud computing platform. Moreover, due to the similarity between Azure and Windows environments, it’s easier to create a cloud version of a present Windows application.

2. Software development kit (SDK)

Windows Azure cloud computing services provide you SDK that has an Azure environment version, which you can run on your personal computer. You can move it to the cloud, once you’ve worked locally while developing and debugging an application.

3. Security

Moving to the cloud remains a topmost concern for organizations due to security issues. Keeping that in mind, Azure cloud computing providers have designed it with utmost security. There is .NET Access Control Service that renders a way to unite identities and also, there are Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) tokens that are utilized by applications for identifying if a user is permitted access.

4. Cost benefits

Azure cloud computing solution enables you to reduce your IT administration cost. Since, you just have to pay for the required computer processing time and storage space, due to which the cost of testing, creating, debugging applications decreases.

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