Beginning a new project? You need to utilize Zend Framework for the same or even for enhancing your current project. Let’s try to understand why Zend Framework is a tremendous choice for your PHP Framework. Here is a list of 6 solid reasons that you must pay attention toward right now.

Zend Framework

1. Object oriented nature

When it comes to Zend Framework, everything is an object, which makes it difficult to code that is apparently a disadvantage. Nonetheless, as far as Zend’s prime advantage is concerned, it is the framework’s ability to make code reusable. And, since nobody is really keen on repeating themselves, it is a good attribute.

2. Numerous components

Zend Framework consists of a number of components, which let you do a large number of things. For instance, if you need to authenticate a user, you can simply utilize Zend_Auth. Likewise, for controlling access to your resources, you can make use of Zend_Acl and for reading RSS feeds, you can make use of Zend_Feed. In order to obtain a full list of all the components, you can work with the Zend Framework Manual.

3. Extendable classes

Since Zend Framework is totally an object oriented framework, it makes use of a number of object oriented concepts including interfaces and inheritance. This renders all of Zend’s components as extendable to a certain extent. Due to this, developers are able to implement individual components with special variations without having to probe into the Zend Framework codebase per se. Customizing Zend Framework like this enables you to create unique functionality into your project. However, you’ll be able to utilize this functionality in other projects also, owing to its object oriented nature.

4. Easy integration

Decoupled in nature, Zend Framework allows you to integrate your desired libraries seamlessly. In addition, you can integrate it into other libraries without any hassles at all. For instance, you can integrate Zend Framework into Symfony.

5. No model implementation

Zend Framework has no model implementation, which is actually one of the biggest reasons why a majority of developers doesn’t utilize the framework. Interestingly, not having a model implementation is rather beneficial as developers are free to utilize any means for implementing it. There are apparently no predefined restraints that permit developers to create more complex implementations in place of just easy representations of tables, which is the way model implementations are created. Model, being your business logic, should not get limited by your database tables. Instead, they are ought to dictate the connections of these tables to each other.

6. Certifications

This point itself distinguishes Zend Framework from other by a great deal. Zend offers both Zend Framework Certification and PHP Certification to you. By means of these certifications, Zend enables you to utilize your expertise in Zend and PHP Framework to lift your portfolio or CV. In addition, you’ll be able to differentiate yourself from your competitors, get your resume noticed, have your profile displayed in the Yellow Pages of Zend, and get special discounts on PHP and Zend conferences globally by means of the Zend Certification.

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