Vtiger CRM is a fully featured open source CRM application and customer relationship management software that is best suited for small-medium ventures.


What are the diversified key modules of vtiger CRM development?

Account management: Vtiger CRM is able to crack all the cases, accounts, contacts, and other relevant opportunities from its core. The software can also identify parent-child relationships taking place between accounts and their divisions. Basically, the greatest attribute lies in the CRM’s capability of taking accounts from external sources, such as GoldMine, ACT, and other applications.

Activity management: With respect to rapid future reference, it adds all crucial and required emails related to customers. The CRM stores all the details pertaining to the calls and meetings of customers. Also, it manages day-to-day tasks of users in order to streamline the sales process.

Lead management: It can manage leads by creating them first and then, converting the same into enhanced opportunities. The CRM is able to import leads by means of external sources, such as Web downloads, seminars, trade shows, and direct mail. In addition, It can change the lead status on the groundswell of the sales process. Thus, users are able to convert their leads into sales prospects, contacts, and accounts with the help of just one click.

Opportunity management: It seamlessly tracks all the opportunities related to sales and other opportunities pertaining to contacts, accounts, activities, and additional modules for ensuring enhanced visibility. Moreover, it exports opportunities to different spreadsheet software including Microsoft Excel, OpenOffice, and others in order to scrutinize the sales pipeline and thus, rapidly identify the limited access, if there’s any.

Product customization: It creates custom fields or picks lists as per the business requirements. In addition, it makes tabs personalized by utilizing drag and drop functionality to veil modules that are irrelevant to the sales process.

Contact management: It tracks contacts, opportunities, activities, and other relevant information from a single place. Also, the CRM makes a hierarchy of contacts within an organization for ensuring enhanced coordination while dealing with customers, thereby promoting augmented understanding.

How does vtiger CRM work?

Vtiger CRM comes with an open source architecture and superior technology that allow for better grip on reporting, information database, campaign management, lead management, care studies, and inventory management. Furthermore, the CRM can be utilized well over the Internet or Extranet, since it is developed on highly reliable technologies including Apache, PHP, Linux/ Windows, and MySQL. In fact, in the latest version of vtiger CRM, users get access to the usual range of CRM functions, such as marketing automation, service functions, sales automation, and customer support.

One of the greatest emoluments about adopting and utilizing vtiger CRM development is that the CRM supports internal processes as well as employees of the business for managing your data in superior ways. Thus, having vtiger CRM is apparently a tremendous bet, especially for the businesses that want to convert their leads into greater amount of sales.

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