It has been predicted that in a couple of years, humans and machines will be working side by side and contributing to maximizing productivity. This will promote the ease of multi-tasking, and complex workflow mechanisms and enhance time flexibility and the power to carry out any composite assignments together. There are more specific systems that have been built to get humans and machines on the same track to accomplish tasks effortlessly through AI technology. Soon, the Human-Machine interaction or the HMI shall be an integral part of resources at any workplace.

Is your business set up and ready for the change? Do you have the ground for the exploration and to be in the market competition?

Enhance Intelligent Work Forces Through Digital Transformation

Human-centered systems – facing the last phase or will be the lasting phase of work environments?

Most of the companies, while transforming their businesses digitally, they concentrate on refining their intelligence mechanism as well. An intelligent work system and an efficient human-machine interaction or cyber-physical systems and work environments is mandatory for any business to scale and flourish in this era.

Noted companies of the century are adapting to the culture of Digital transformation through technical implementations and training their teams on how to be a part of digitally enhanced systems and technically augmented business operations. This has been improving the productivity of the workers and also has helped in undertaking any risky tasks without being bounded by time and human efficiency.

The existing Human-centred Systems, where the companies require a huge human resource and expertise to handle machines are becoming obsolete. Cyber-physical systems and work environments are now in the big picture. The companies after getting used to the digital workforce during the COVID 19 crisis, are now shifting towards machine-enhanced work systems.

Cyber-physical systems and Work environments

Let’s understand the vision of HMI for the businesses and learn in detail about the emergence of cyber-physical systems and work environments.

There is no doubt that the cyber-physical systems are more efficient and convenient than relying only on machines or human workforce. The integration will bring that astounding success any businesses aim at, as the machine-enhanced workforce is highly efficient and unimaginably cooperative.

For example: Humans are involved everywhere in the business system for cognitive decision making. Recently, when AI-enhanced / automated systems used for cognitive decision making, to interpret customer queries, to close deals, to take emotional decisions, and to offer precise guidance or advice, the intelligent machines outperformed humans. The system maintained the essence of natural choice of words, analysation of the users’ emotion in the conversation.

Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things have made a lot of impact on our lives. No wonder the technologies are called as the revolutionary technologies of the century.

A Statista report predicts that, the Human Machine Interaction Interface global market will grow to 7.24 billion U.S. dollars by 2026 as suggested by the source, the market is estimated to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.3 percent.’
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Enhanced business intelligence with AI Technology

Machine enhanced human workforce – Radical transformation of business with AI.

Artificial Intelligence for the renovation and the growth of business is the new business norm. Yes, we are slowly adapting to the era of Machine-enhanced human workforce. Businesses that understand AI will soar faster in business in the upcoming days.  The machine enhanced work system will leave the humans with less work as the machines will perform the major chunk of every task. The intelligent machines will innovate more and unlock the more intelligent yet efficient workplace, manufacturing units, industries, and business set ups.

Improved cost saving and labour productivity with Digital Transformation

Machine-enhanced human workforce model has become a business necessity and it is nowhere going to leave until every business system attains the vantage position. The premium customer experience through more expressive AI conversations and practices are about to stun the world. AI to enhance their human workforce is just like giving your workforce a new wing to fly high and enabling new efficiencies to deliver faster and to offer premium customer experience.

‘Intelligent automation, unlike ever before, the market opportunities are getting higher and 50% of the companies will adapt to machine enhanced and the operations will be automated by 2025’, says a report.

Automation of Business Activities

Business acceleration and digitization save cost and potentially the transformation from individual works to intelligent machine enhanced communication and automation will make any process more streamlined for every aspect of business.

A study says that, ‘the customers looking for cloud based services are increasing every day, hence most of the US companies are consulting for transformation and expert digital transformation services to improve delivering capabilities and enhance efficiency.’

There is the trend of changing the entire operational models and democratization of digital delivery to reduce staff that work in the digital area and the combination of no code models is also in place at the digital ready organizations that are all set to adapt the machine-enhanced human work force.

The AI-enhanced systems or digital transformation will create technological excellence in working and offer more precision in data and information transfer and predictive analytics. This will pave way for more structured IT departments in private and public sectors.

Natural UI – The talk of the town!

The Natural UI starts with talking to machines in a natural way with no language restriction and the machine speaks back and augments the conversation. Basically, it goes like we are shifting and adapting machines and the machines are learning to adapt humans. No devices are required for the interaction. And, the device usage is disappearing, but the stuffs around and on us will interact to unlock different dimensions. More users have started to interact and are feeling comfortable with technology as no literacy required as it works on natural expression and the machines express back. Natural UI will completely explore and maintain privacy and security and works with very simple sensor, camera, and mike to read body metrics, understanding your mood.

Wrapping up

The world is changing and its technological requirements are changing over the years from the advent of computers to the handy mobile phones. Now, there is a paradigm shift and we are stepping into the world of AI, mixed realities, and IoT, where HMI offers an exhilarating experience.  Our change of the physical world to the digital world is brighter, but with a lot of obscurity, however, Natural UI, the latest talk, makes HMI more convenient for the technical and no-technical populace.

The business world has begun to incorporate these revolutionising technologies and saving a lot of time and cost on labour and experiencing unforeseen scale. What about you? Is your company ready for the change? Consult a finest Digital transformation services and solutions company now!

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