Apparently, numerous websites today are programmed on the WordPress development platform. Since, WordPress lets users save their money, have their own control over their websites, such as adding, removing, and editing content, and also incorporate great functionality, such as mapping, e-commerce, and user submitted content, thereby augmenting websites at every phase of the process. Let us take a gander at the top 7 reasons for working with WordPress development for websites.

WordPress Development

1. Plugins for better functionality

Numerous platforms at present render plugin functionality, but there is hardly anyone like WordPress, which offers absolutely seamless and thoroughly implemented plugin functionality. Plugins enable you to add great sliders, forums, photo galleries, shopping carts, maps, and other forms of great functionality.

2. WordPress is open source and completely free

Unlike other many open source and free solutions that possess clandestine agendas, WordPress comes for free permanently. The platform doesn’t become chargeable when you hit a certain size, nor does it cease any of its code for you.

3. Themes to style your website

There are beautiful themes that make extremely magnificent and appealing sites. You can always utilize preexisting themes and customize them, as those are open source. In addition, you can download them or buy them, or even modify them as per your content. It is important to note that themes are not dependent upon your content, so you can swap or edit them out anytime to keep your functionality and content in place.

4. Outstanding CMS and visual editor

The extremely user friendly and intuitive backend of WordPress is simply a delight for users. WordPress is perpetually making strides in the department of CMS, incorporating features, such as galleries, trash, revision histories, threaded comments, custom post types, and others.

5. WordPress Development websites are accessible

Usually, WordPress websites are built on relatively accessible and simple technologies. The Platform is easy to install on Linux or Windows servers. The webpages, which are rendered in HTML and CSS, show up smoothly on BlackBerrys, iPad, iPhones, and Android etc.

6. Adding your blog becomes easy

Basically, WordPress shot to fame for blogging and is still reckoned a blog platform by many. Having top notch features, the platform’s blog functionality in still unrivalled in the business. With tags, categories, gravatars, great moderation controls, widgets, anti-spam solutions, threaded commenting, easy theming, and plugin infrastructure, it’s simply not possible to find a better blog solution. In addition, adding a blog to your site becomes a fantastic way to allure visitors and catch Google’s attention.

7. Easy security comes with WordPress

WordPress is renowned for its proclaimed five minute installation. Not only, WordPress is enormously easy to install, but also it is astonishingly easy to update for new functionality and security. WordPress provides you an easy link for a one click upgrade, once the latest version is available.

Do you have any further thoughts on why WordPress development is or isn’t a sound platform for creating websites? Feel free to share.

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